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2012-2013 CSD Student Journal Club Schedule

The CSD Student Journal Club is held in the 12th floor conference room of RC1-South (room 12107)at 3:00 PM on the dates listed below.

Date Presenter/Student Student's Lab  
09/21/12 Courtney Betts​ Schedin Lab  
10/05/12 No Journal club    
10/19/12 Heather Ray​ Niswander Lab  
11/02/12 Davalyn Powell Artinger Lab  
​11/16/12 Diane Gumina​ Winn Lab  ​
12/07/12 David Dai Macklin Lab  
12/21/12 Holiday Break    
01/04/13 Jonathan Wilde​ Niswander Lab  
01/18/13 Jason Dinella Koch Lab  
02/01/13 Andrew Weems McMurray Lab  
02/15/13 Brad Kubick​ Roop Lab  
03/01/13 Alex Blasky Appel Lab  
03/15/13 Ryan Scannura​ Clouthier Lab  
04/05/13 Dongying Li Prekeris Lab  
04/19/13 Brian Bayless Pearson Lab  
05/03/13 David Castillo Barlow Lab  
05/17/13 Mary Pinter Pearon Lab  
05/31/13 Jason Williams Artinger Lab  

​​​ ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​