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Journal Clubs

CSD Student Journal Club

The CSD Student journal club is a biweekly student run journal club, where CSD students partake in presenting papers that are related to their projects or are of general interest to the field. The journal club is aimed to create and emphasize an interdisciplinary environment for our students so that students become familiar with more than just their immediate area of interest, while learning about the interests of their peers in the program. Every CSD student has the opportunity to pick a paper and distribute it to the rest of the students the week prior so students have a chance to read the paper and think of discussion questions. The journal club takes the format of an open discussion where the student who selects the paper will take leadership in presenting the appropriate background, figures and leading the discussion. Journal club is also an opportunity for students to discuss various projects related to the program such as recruitment and the annual program wide retreat. Finally, students have the opportunity to practice their talks during journal club and get feedback from their peers, thereby creating a supportive and collaborative environment among students.

Click here for the CSD Student Journal Club Schedule

CSD Shop Talk

The CSD Shop Talk (formerly Program Journal Club) meets from 3 pm - 4 pm on Fridays, biweekly in the 12th floor conference room of RC1 South. All interested individuals, including graduate students, postdoctoral and clinical research fellows, professional research assistants and faculty, are invited to participate.  Any topic relevant to cell and developmental biology and stem cells is welcome. For more information contact the Shop Talk organizer Chad Pearson.​​​​

Click here for the 2017-2018 CSD Shop Talk Schedule​​​​​​​