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2015-16 CSD Program Journal Club Schedule


The CSD Shop Talks are held in the 12th floor conference room of RC1-South (room 12107) at 3:00 PM on the dates listed below.

For more information contact the Journal Club organizers Chad Pearson.​​​​

​10/23/15​ Bruce Appel
​11/06/15 ​Heather Ray
​11/20/15 ​Rajeev Vibhakar
​12/04/15 ​Jeff Moore
​1/15/16 ​Kristin Artinger
​1/29/16 ​Joe Brzezinski
​2/12/16 ​Michael McMurray
​2/26/16 ​Chad Pearson
​3/11/16 ​Swati Mishra
​3/25/16 ​Tom Evans
​4/08/16 ​Linda Barlow
​4/22/16 ​Nick Galati