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Graduate School

The program office is located in the RC1, South Tower, in room L18-12123 at the Anschutz Medical Campus.  AMC is located at 12800 East 19th Avenue, Aurora, CO 80010.


The Student Assistance Office (Office Annex 1C36, x. 5-7620) can provide apartment directories and a computer search for available units and roommate matching. They also have other resources available on campus life and student organizations. Additionally, current CSD students are an excellent resource for housing information and advice.

Colorado Residency

If you are a U.S. citizen and not already a Colorado resident, you will need to change your residence status prior to fall semester of your second year. The CSD Program will only pay out-of-state tuition during the first year, except for international students. Please stop by the Admissions and Records Office during the first few weeks of school in your first year to ask for instructions on changing your residency. Normally you must be able to establish physical presence in the state for a full year before being granted in-state status. See the information provided by Admissions and Records for details.

Payroll Paperwork

Before you can receive your stipend, you must fill out the appropriate paperwork with the CSD Program and the CU-AMC Payroll Department. Note: An original social security card is required before you can be entered in the university payroll system. If you do not have an original card, you must apply for one immediately after you arrive. Be sure to get a letter from the clerk in the social security office stating that you have applied for a new card. A copy of this letter must be given to the Payroll Department before you can be paid. When your new card arrives, stop by Payroll so they can put a photocopy of your card in your file.

Your stipend will be paid monthly on the last working day of the month (or as deemed by the State of Colorado). Appropriate taxes will be withheld from your pay, based on the withholding form you submit to payroll. If you want more details about what your net pay will be, contact payroll at (303) 735-6500 (Boulder).

Health Insurance

All students are required to be covered by health insurance. You will be signed up for the University Student Health Insurance Program unless you have another plan in place and specifically waive the University plan. Before Fall Semester each year, you will receive a form to fill out to select the student health plan or to waive it. Please notify the CSD office if you plan to waive the student insurance. For more information on the plan and what it covers, contact Student Insurance, x. 5-0800.

ID Badges

You will receive a University ID Card at Graduate School orientation. You will need this card for library privileges and building access after hours and weekends, and to access the lab space.

Course Registration

The current years Course Book, showing the academic year calendar, deadlines, and course offering, can be picked up at Admissions and Records, or found on the University Graduate School website. Each semester you will need to register, either by picking up a registration form from Admissions and Records (or the CSD office) or registering online. If registering with a paper form, please fill in the appropriate courses, and bring the form to the CSD office for the Director's signature.

Note: You are responsible for knowing registration and drop/ add deadlines each quarter, and making sure the appropriate forms are turned in on time. The CSD Program will not pay any late charges assessed because of missed deadlines! You will be responsible for paying any of these charges yourself.

Note: All students must submit the student health form each fall semester and either sign up for or waive student health insurance.

Tuition Bills

A few weeks following registration, you will receive a tuition bill in the mail. Please bring these bills to the CSD office for payment as soon as you receive them. You will be personally responsible for any late charges if you do not bring your bill in before the payment deadline.


Very little close-in parking is available on the 9th Avenue campus. Most students either walk, bike, or take the bus. If you must drive, contact the Parking Office at x. 5-5704 or 4-1584 to find out where parking is available on campus. You may also take the free University shuttle from the 9th Avenue campus to the AMC. You will need your student ID to board. If you must drive, contact the Parking and Transportation Office at x. 5-5704 or 4-1584 to find out where parking is available on campus. There is a monthly fee. To find out where to park at the AMC, go to the Parking Office in Building 500 on the ground floor across form the Information Desk. Discount RTD bus passes are also sold there, and keys for the locked bike storage area are available.


If needed, the CSD Program Administrator will make sure you are issued appropriate keys during your first week on campus. To access the shared Conference Rooms, please contact the Program Administrator. Room keys are distributed in the basement of the Medical School, in the Work Control Center (Room 0659), or at the AMC in Building 500, second floor North wing. All keys must be returned to the Work Control Center when you no longer need them or you will be charged $200.