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Seminars & Grand Rounds

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Quarterly Fora
ACCORDS/CCTSI Community Engagement Forum
October 23, 2019​ACCORDS Community Engagement Forum - Gossard Forum - Fulginiti Pavillion - 12-1pm
Don Nease, MD
CCTSI Community Engagement and Research Director
ACCORDS Community Engagement & PBRN Director
Lucille Campbell
Community Partner
Amy Huebschmann, MD
Associate Professor, Division of Internal Medicine
ACCORDS Investigator

Academic Partner

Watch the recorded seminar HERE​

January 29, 2019 - SAVE THE DATE - Theme TBD

September 16, 2019-Summer 2020

ACCORDS Health Equity Seminar Series​
September 16, 2019 - ​Romana Hasnain-Wynia, PhD, MS - "Reducing Disparities and Advancing Equity: Where the Research Has Been and Where It Needs to Go”

Watch the recorded seminar HERE

View the slide deck HERE​

October 1, 2019​ - Glenn Flores, MD, FAA - "Leveling the Playing Field: Achieving Equity and Eliminating Racial/Ethnic Disparities in Children’s Health and Healthcare”

Watch the recorded seminar HERE

View the slide deck HERE​

Associated Readings:

  1. Flores, G., Bridon, C., Torres, S., Perez, R., Walter, T., Brotanek, J., . . . Tomany-Korman, S. (2009). Improving asthma outcomes in minority children: A randomized, controlled trial of parent mentors. Pediatrics, 124(6), 1522-1532.
  2. Flores, G., Lin, H., Walker, C., Lee, M., Currie, J., Allgeyer, R., . . . Massey, K. (2018). Parent Mentoring Program Increases Coverage Rates For Uninsured Latino Children. Health Affairs (Project Hope), 37(3), 403-412.
  3. Flores, G., & Lin, H. (2013). Trends in racial/ethnic disparities in medical and oral health, access to care, and use of services in US children: Has anything changed over the years? International Journal for Equity in Health, 12, 10.
  4. Flores, G. (2010). Technical report--racial and ethnic disparities in the health and health care of children. Pediatrics, 125(4), E979-e1020.
  5. Flores, G., Lin, H., Walker, C., Lee, M., Currie, J., Allgeyer, R., . . . Massey, K. (2016). Parent Mentors and Insuring Uninsured Children: A Randomized Controlled Trial. Pediatrics, 137(4), E20153519-e20153519.
  6. ​Flores, G., & Tomany-Korman, S. (2008). Racial and ethnic disparities in medical and dental health, access to care, and use of services in US children. Pediatrics, 121(2), E286-e298.

November 4, 2019​ - Panel moderated by Larry Green, MD - Panel: Ryan O'Connell; Michelle Sarche, PhD; Rochelle Carson-Wilkerson, MD; Christin Sutter - "Population and Resources: Patient Level Equity”

Watch the reorded seminar HERE

January 21, 2020 - Stacie Daugherty, MD MSPH - "Stereotypes in the Patient Provider Encounter”
Watch the recorded seminar HERE (soon)
February TBD, 2020 - Distinguished Lecturer TBN - "D&I & Health Equity”

October 25, 2018-March 19, 2019
ACCORDS Patient Centered Decisions Seminar Series
October 25, 2018 - Dan Matlock, MD, MPH & Chris Knoepke, PhD, MSW, LCSW - "An Overview of Shared Decision Making Across the Translation Continuum”

Watch the recorded seminar HERE​

November, 29, 2018 - Laura Scherer, PhD - "The Psychology of Shared Decision Making"

Watch the recorded seminar HERE​

January 16, 2019​ - Gretchen Chapman, PhD - ​​"Leveraging Automaticity for Healthy Behavior Change"

Watch the recorded seminar HERE

View the Slide Deck HERE​

February 7, 2019 - Dan Matlock, MD, MPH & Larry Allen, MD - "Shared Decision Making in Practice: ICDs/LVADs"

Watch the recorded seminar HERE

View the Slide Deck HERE

February 26, 2019 - Maija Reblin, PhD - "Shared Decision Making in Practice: Advanced Cancer at Home"

Watch the recorded seminar HERE

View the Slide Deck HERE

March 19, 2019​ - Tanner Caverly, MD, MPH - "Shared Decision Making in Practice: Colon Cancer & Lung Cancer" 

Watch the recorded seminar HERE

View the Slide Deck HERE

September 26, 2018-April 24, 2019

​​ACCORDS Behavior Change Seminar Series
​Behavioral Science in Health a​nd Health Care​
September 26, 2018Bethany Kwan, PhD, MSPH - "Introduction to Behavioral Science in Health and Health Care"

View the Slide Deck HERE

October 17, 2018​Jeni Cross, PhD - "Systems Thinking & Social Science for Behavior Change"

Watch the recorded seminar HERE

November 28, 2018​Jenn Leiferman, PhD - "Developing Theory-Informed Conceptual Models for Individual Behavior Change: An Introduction"

Watch the recorded seminar HERE

View the Slide Deck HERE​

December 19, 2018​Kevin Masters, PhD - "How to Build a Theory-Based Health Behavior Change Intervention: Lessons from Psychological Test Construction"

Watch the recorded seminar HERE​

View the Slide Deck HERE

January 16, 2019​ - Gretchen Chapman, PhD - ​​"Leveraging Automaticity for Healthy​ Behavior Change"

Watch the recorded seminar HERE

View the Slide Deck HERE

February 20, 2019 - Danielle Loeb, MD and Bethany Kwan, PhD, MSPH - "Behavioral Health in Practice: How to Implement Change in the Clinic"

Watch the recorded seminar HERE

View the Slide Deck HERE

March 18, 2019​ - Judith McCool, PhD, MPH & Robyn Whittaker, PhD - "Mobile health and health behavior change: focusing on cultural adaptation and clinical application in low-resource settings"

Watch the recorded seminar HERE​

View the Slide Deck HERE​

March 21, 2019 - Georges Potworoski, PhD - "Multi-level Model of Change Capacity" 

Technical difficulties prevented recording this seminar. 

Please inquire for slides.

April 24, 2019​ - Jim Sallis, PhD - "Interdisciplinary Approaches to Physical Activity: Built Environment Research and Translation to Policy" - Distinguished Lecturer 

Watch the recorded seminar​ HERE

View the Slide Deck HERE

August 15, 2018
​ACCORDS Distinguished Lecturer

Martha Sajatovic, MD - Professor of Psychiatry and of Neurology at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine

ACCORDS Grand Rounds

Ross Brownson, PhD, MPH - Bernard Becker Professor of Public Health, Washington University in St. Louis

Watch the recorded lecture HERE.

Download​ the slide deck HERE​.​

April 25 & 26, 2018

ACCORDS Distinguished Lecturer

Claude Rubinson, PhD, MA - Associate Professor of Sociology, University of Houston-Downtown

4/25/18 - "Qualitative Comparative Analysis (QCA) for Medical and Health Services Research: An Introduction"

4/26/18 - "Qualitative Comparative Analysis (QCA) in Practice: Why, When, and How?"

Download the recorded lecture HERE​.​​
April 24, 2018
ACCORDS Grand Rounds

Leslie Curry, PhD, MPH - Senior Research Scientist, Yale School of Public Health

"Leadership Saves Lives: Qualitative methods in large scale projects"

Watch the recorded lecture HERE​.

Download​ the slide deck HERE​.

Access the list of resources HERE​.

​February 7-May 2, 2018

Advancing the Science of Mobile and Digital Health: an ACCORDS mHealth Research Seminar Series​

Presented in collaboration with the ACCORDS mHealth Core. 

February 7, 2018​ – Susan Moore, PhD, MSPH – "An Introduction to mHealth Research"

Download the recorded seminar HERE​.

March 7, 2018​ – Sheana Bull, PhD, MPH – "Evaluation and Validation: Study designs for trailing and testing mHealth"

Download the recorded seminar​ HERE​.

April 4, 2018 – Gabriel Camargo – "Beyond Programing: Key considerations in mHealth design"

Download the recorded seminar​​​ HERE​.

May 2, 2018 – Bethany Kwan, PhD, MSPH & Deborah Rinehart, PhD, MA – "Examples from the field"

Download the recorded seminar​​​ HERE​​.

October 9, 2017-April 11, 2018
​Beyond Numbers: Producing Competitive Proposals and Compelling Publications using Mixed Methods in Health Outcomes Research 

Presented in collaboration with the ACCORDS Qualitative Methods Core. Topics include background methods, analysis and results, publishing, and several example studies.

October 9, 2017Jodi Summers Holtrop, PhD, MCHES & Megan Morris, PhD, MPH - "Sorting through the methods mix: An overview of mixed methods designs and when to use them" 

​​​​Download the recorded seminar HERE.

November 13, 2017Lisa McLeod, MD​ - "Using explanatory sequential mixed methods to determine organizational factors associated with hospital performance in surgical site infection prevention in children"

​​​​Download the recorded seminar​ HERE​.

December 11, 2017 -​ Mandy Dempsey, MD, PhD, MPH - "Multiple phases/multiple methods: The OB immunization trial"

Download the recorded seminar​ HERE​.

January 8, 2018 - Dan Matlock, MD - "A convergent mixed methods evaluation: Implementation of a decision aid for advanced heart failure patients"

Download the recorded seminar​​ HERE​.

February 12, 2018 - Jodi Summers Holtrop, PhD, MCHES & Juliana Barnard, MA (for Megan Morris, PhD, MPH) - "Now what? Integration and analysis of mixed methods data"

Watch the recorded seminar​​​ HERE​.

March 12, 2018 - Allison Kempe, MD, MPH - "The Art of Publishing Mixed Methods Research"

Watch the recorded seminar​​​ HERE.

April 11, 2018​ - Russell Glasgow, PhD - "The Art of Publishing Mixed Methods Research: External validity, replication and sustainability with the Expanded CONSORT Figure"

Download the recorded seminar​​​ HERE​.