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What does the research process look like from start to finish?

​This is what you can start to think about and plan in preparation for utilizing ROCS Center resources.

 Phase 1: How do I plan for a research project?

Once a research question has been decided, the following activities
constitute the planning phase: (suggested order)

  1. Considering necessary research support*:
    • Leadership (ex. department or regulatory)
    • Patient/Data access
    • Resources (ex. analytic software, survey software)
    • Staffing (ex. program management, research assistants)
  2. Confirmation of study variables/design with expert consultation*
  3. Preparation of Study Budget & Materials (ex. surveys, interview guides, etc.)
  4. Protocol Development & IRB Approval
  5. Authorship Discussions
  6. Development of Study Schedule (Calendar of study activities, Reporting and deliverables)
  7. Development of Evaluation Strategy for Study Progress (summative & formative
    measures, balancing metrics, etc.)

*These steps may be done in conjunction with grant/funding proposals and the ROCS Center consultation service.


 Phase 2: How do I conduct my study?

​Once the planning phase is complete, the following activities constitute the conducting phase: (suggested order)

  1. Training of necessary personnel
  2. Recruiting study participants or access to a dataset
  3. Collecting data following the approved protocol
  4. Establish regular meetings with project team
    • Research Assistants
    • Biostatisticians
    • Analysts
    • Consultants

Need help with any of the phases or steps?
Book a consultation with the ROCS Center team of researchers!