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About COCONet

COCONet has a governance structure that accounts for the many stakeholders in pediatric health and tries to address the challenges of conducting pragmatic research in clinical settings. We have three main groups of advisors that support COCONet research.

Network Advisory Board

Overall vision and guidance for the Network

Our Network Advisory Board (NAB) came out of a 2-year PCORI project to engage stakeholders of all kinds in the COCONet process. Half of the board is comprised of parents, while the other half includes practicing clinicians, researchers, policymakers, child health advocates and other stakeholders. NAB members bring their unique background, experience, and health consumer perspective to the research arena. Board members engage as stakeholders in pediatric health research spanning the process from stakeholder engagement and topic generation to the sharing of research results. Board members also assist COCONet staff in envisioning sustainability of clinician and parent involvement, network research agenda selection, funding support, and other COCONet business.

Steering Committee

Practicing physicians

Our Steering Committee keeps us grounded.  This group is comprised of providers from COCONet member practices who meet regularly to give feedback on research project ideas, troubleshoot the real-world implementation challenges, and bring clinically relevant research questions and topics to the attention of COCONet. 

Research Advisory Board

Researchers with pediatric PBRN experience assisting in solving research-related problems

This is a group of experienced pediatric health researchers who have conducted PBRN research and overcome the many challenges associated with practice-based research.  This group of experts lends their expertise in framing proposals, troubleshooting research challenges, and guiding the dissemination of COCONet study findings to be impactful in improving pediatric clinical practice.


For more information on COCONet structure or if you’d like to consult one of these groups, please contact