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What We're Reading

List of publications we have recently read

  1. Johnson, A., Moore, J., Chambers, D., Rup, J., Dinyarian, C., & Straus, S. (2019). How do researchers conceptualize and plan for the sustainability of their NIH R01 implementation projects? Implementation Science : IS, 14(1), 50. Read the Article​
  2. Waltz, T., Powell, B., Fernández, M., Abadie, B., & Damschroder, L. (2019). Choosing implementation strategies to address contextual barriers: Diversity in recommendations and future directions. Implementation Science, 14, Implementation Science, 2019, Vol.14. Read the Article​
  3. Hailemariam, M., Bustos, T., Montgomery, B., Barajas, R., Evans, L., & Drahota, A. (2019). Evidence-based intervention sustainability strategies: A systematic review. Implementation Science : IS, 14(1), 57. Read the Article​
  4. McCreight, M., Rabin, B., Glasgow, R., Ayele, R., Leonard, C., Gilmartin, H., . . . Battaglia, C. (n.d.). Using the Practical, Robust Implementation and Sustainability Model (PRISM) to qualitatively assess multilevel contextual factors to help plan, implement, evaluate, and disseminate health services programs. Translational Behavioral Medicine., Translational behavioral medicine. , 2019.​ Read the Article​
  5. U.S. Department of Health & Human Services. National Institutes of Health. (2019) Implementation Science at a Glance: A Guide for Cancer Control Practitioners. 19-CA-8055​. Read the Guide​
  6. May, C., Johnson, M., & Finch, T. (2016). Implementation, context and complexity. Implementation Science : IS, 11(1), 141. Read the Article​
  7. Nilsen, P. and S. Bernhardsson (2019). "Context matters in implementation science: a scoping review of determinant frameworks that describe contextual determinants for implementation outcomes." BMC Health Services Research 19(1): 189. Read the Article​​​
  8. Ford, B., Rabin, B., Morrato, E., & Glasgow, R. (2018). Online resources for dissemination and implementation science: Meeting demand and lessons learned. Journal of Clinical and Translational Science, 2(5​), 259-266. doi:10.1017/cts.2018.337. Read the A​rticle​​​
  9. Glasgow, R. E., Harden, S. M., Gaglio, B., Rabin, B. A., Smith, M. L., Porter, G. C., ... & Estabrooks, P. A. (2019). RE-AIM Planning and Evaluation Framework: Adapting to New Science and Practice with a Twenty-Year Review. Frontiers in Public Health7, 64. Read the Article​​
  10. Gamerman, Victoria, Tianxi Cai, and Amelie Elsäßer. "Pragmatic Randomized Clinical Trials: Best Practices and Statistical Guidance." Health Services and Outcomes Research Methodology 19.1 (2019): 23-35. Web. Read the Article
  11. Grimshaw, J., Ivers, N., Linklater, S., Foy, R., Francis, J., Gude, W., & Hysong, S. (2019). Reinvigorating stagnant science: Implementation laboratories and a meta-laboratory to efficiently advance the science of audit and feedback. (2019) Reinvigorating stagnant science: Implementation laboratories and a meta-laboratory to efficiently advance the science of audit and feedback. BMJ Quality and Safety. Read the Artcile