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Tips for Getting Funded

Checklists, tools, self-ratings and guides for successful proposals:

​​Our group has created an interactive version of this webpage and the related tools, to access the beta (testing) version of this site, click the link below:

Capture.JPGTips for Getting Funded: Checklists, Tools, Self-ratings and Guides for Successful Proposals in Dissemination and Implementation (D&I) Research

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Resources developed by Enola Proctor, Ross Brownson, Byron Powell, Ana Baumann, Ashley Hamilton and Ryan Santens 

Adapted into website form by Amy Huebschmann, Chase Cameron, Demetria McNeal and Russell Glasgow

Sample Grant Applications From NCI

The National Cancer Institute (NCI) frequently receives questions from investigators for examples of successfully funded grant applications. Several investigators and their organizations agreed to let the Division of Cancer Control & Population Sciences (DCCPS) programs post excerpts of their grant applications online.

10 ingred vid thumb.JPG10 Key Ingredients for D&I Research Proposals​ - This helpful animation was developed in collaboration with colleagues​ from ACCORDS & CCTSI and adapted from materials presented by experts at Washington University, STL​

Enhancing the reporting of implementation thumb.JPGWilson, Sales, Wensing, Aarons, Flottorp, Glidewell, . . . Straus. (2017). Enhancing the reporting of implementation researchImplementation Science : IS, 12(1), 13.


Glasgow R. Writing Implementation research grant proposals: 10 key ingredients...and a few reflections. Keynote Presentation at UCSD D&I Workshop. April 2018. 

Materials adapted from the list created by Enola Proctor and colleagues. 

Cover thumbnail.JPG 
Getting D&I Ideas Funded Workbook 

For users who are looking for an introductory primer on D&I research to help to determine if your research questions are appropriate for D&I research or not, expand the “D&I introduction.”  

For users who are either relatively new D&I investigators or who are at the early phase of developing a grant, expand the "New to D&I or early idea user guide" tab below. As just one example, this user guide will help you to optimally describe the “Quality Gap” and the “Evidence-based intervention or policy” as two critical ingredients of a compelling D&I research proposal.

If you are an experienced D&I investigator or have already developed an aims page or a draft grant proposal regarding an evidence-based program or policy  that you will address in a real-world setting, expand the "Advanced D&I proposal tips" tab below to review a more comprehensive list of criteria that you should address in each section of your research proposal.  

To access additional D&I funding resources, including published manuscripts on writing fundable D&I grants, expand the “Funding Resources” tab below.

 Introduction to D&I field

 ​​An Overview of D/I research:



A Users' Guide to Dissemination and Implementation in Health for Researchers and Practitioners

 ​​What New Investigators need to know about D&I:



NIH Webinar

Alice Ammerman addresses the question of how to get D&I interventions funded in this recorded webinar. 


 Developing early D&I grant ideas – User Guide

Writing D&I research proposals - 10 key ingredients

Developed by Enola Proctor, Byron Powell, Ana Baumann, Ashley Hamilton, Ryan Santens (


Adapted into website form by Amy Huebschmann, Chase Cameron, and Russell Glasgow

User Guide: The 10 key ingredients for a D&I research proposal were identified and published by Dr. Enola Proctor and colleagues after performing a review of funded NIH D&I proposals and the initial findings of key ingredients were supplemented by queries of D&I research experts.  Our vision for the online version of this content is that this checklist would spur D&I investigators to incorporate as many of these 10 key ingredients into their D&I proposal as possible.  For users who are at the beginning of developing a grant, we encourage you to consider all of these key ingredients as you develop your proposal, but the first two ingredients of the Quality Gap and the Evidence-based intervention or policy are critical to include as part of your compelling D&I research question.   Although we have framed this as a checklist, we recognize that it may be impossible to get all 10 ingredients in any given project.​


 Refining advanced D&I grant ideas – User Guide

Writing D&I research proposals - Grant Preparation Checklist
Developed for the web by Amy Huebschmann, Chase Cameron, and Russell Glasgow

Please see our grant preparation checklist of best-practices below to help ensure funding success. 

- An interactive version of this tool is in development. For now this "static" checklist is ready for use . . .  ​​

Please provide any feedback on this feature to our team by emailing Bryan Ford:​ 

Or, you can complete our brief survey​ to help us improve the tool. 


 Funding Resources

Primary Funding Sources:

Brownson.JPG(R01) PAR-16-238.

The NIH's Main D&I Funding Mechanism.

                    Visit the Funding Announcement​

Presentations on keys to Grant success:


Brownson.JPGOctober 10-11th, Madison, WI

Getting Your D&I Grant Funded: 2016 Dissemination and Implementation Short Course 

Brownson RC

                    Getting your grant funded_WI DI short course_Oct 2016_Brownson.pdfDownload Presentation

Padek.JPGImplementation Science 2012

Writing Implementation Research Grant Proposals: 10 Key Ingredients

Enola K. Proctor, Byron Powell, Ana Baumann, Ashley Hamilton, Ryan Santens​

                 Proctor et al  (2016)  TA workshop on writing IR grants final edits 12-15-16_notes.pdfDownload the Presentation

Padek.JPGJanuary 23rd, 2017

NIH, AHRQ and PCORI Discussion of Funding Issues

Marcel Salive, Arlene Bierman, Neeraj Arora​

               AGING_FundingOpps2_ALL_2017-01-23.pdfDownload the Presentation

Articles on characteristics of successful grants: 


Brownson.JPGClin Transl Sci. 2015 Dec;8(6):710-6. doi: 10.1111/cts.12356. Epub 2015 Nov 18.

Concocting that Magic Elixir: Successful Grant Application Writing in Dissemination and Implementation Research.

Brownson RCColditz GA, Dobbins MEmmons KMKerner JFPadek MProctor EKStange KC 

                    Download Article

Padek.JPGProctor et al. Implementation Science (2012) 7:96

Writing Implementation Research Grant Proposals: Ten Key Ingredients

Enola K. Proctor, Byron Powell, Ana Baumann, Ashley Hamilton, Ryan Santens​



Tinkle et al. - Nursing Res and Practice

Vol 2013, Article ID 909606,

Dissemination and Implementation Research Funded by the US

National Institutes of Health, 2005–2012

Mindy Tinkle, Richard Kimball, Emily A. Haozous,

George Shuster, and Robin Meize-Grochowski



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