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ACCORDS Dissemination and Implementation

​​Directed by Russell Glasgow, PhD​ ​

Our goal is to:​

  • Create collaborative learning partnerships with embedded research settings to translate research into practice more quickly and successfully
  • Conduct cutting edge T3-T4 research on: pragmatic research and measures, adaptation of interventions, designing for dissemination, shared decision making, planning for and evaluation of reach, implementation and sustainability
  • Use interactive on-line resources and support for patients, medical and public health students, trainees and faculty researchers
  • Communicate frequently updated information on D&I related conferences, articles, grant opportunities, events, webinars, talks, and training opportunities
  • Provide local consultation on D&I related research to increase funding and publication success

The Latest

DI Program Update18 thumb.JPGThe D&I Program presented yearly update to the PI group at ACCORDS.

10 ingred vid thumb.JPG10 Key Ingredients for D&I Research Proposals - This helpful animation was developed in collaboration with colleagues​ from ACCORDS & CCTSI and adapted from materials presented by experts at Washington University, STL.


D4D thumb.JPGWhether you are a researcher, policy planner, or community organizer , this tool is designed to to guide you on how a project can be designed with greater dissemination potential.

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Upcoming Events

Due Date

July 24, 2018

Abstract Submission Deadline
DI meeting AH 11th annual.JPGAnnual Conference on the Science of Dissemination and Implementation in Health (D&I), the pre-eminent event to bridge the gap between research, practice, and policy in health and health care.

Submit your abstract​ by Tuesday, July 24 and join more than 1,200 of your peers on the frontlines of D&I science. 


Due Date

June 12, 2018

Application Deadline
Training Institute for Dissemination & Implementation Research in Health
August 13-December 7, 2018

June 15, 2018


June 18, 2018

ACCORDS Grand Rounds

Ross Brownson, PhD, MPH - Bernard Becker Professor of Public Health, Washington University in St. Louis

10 Key Ingredients for D&I Research Proposals