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Goals and Related Activites

. To provide D&I consultation, training and collaboration to University of Colorado School of Medicine (SOM), Children’s Hospital, Colorado Clinical & Translational Sciences Institute (CCTSI), and other co​lleagues as appropriate. 

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Activity: Mentor and proivde training for new D&I staff​, post-doctoral fellows and a limited number of K awardees. Mentorship and training priority will go to faculty and staff committed to careers in D&I.

Activity: Provide Consultation​ and collaboration on D&I methods for preparation of research studies, grant proposals and scholarly papers.

Activity: Provide D&I related workshops, seminars and/or other training aimed primarily at ACCORDSCRISP list-servCCTSI​ members and junior faculty, but open to our wider D&I network


2. To enhance funding and impact of programs and proposals by integrating and testing D&I concepts, models and measures.

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Activity: Partner with ACCORDS colleagues on proposals.

Activity: Consult on proposals and other programs of UCMS and Children’s Hospital colleagues.

Activity: Propose and conduct research to further elaborate and test D&I models (e.g., RE-AIM; dissemination) and assessment procedures

Activity: Continue and extend our research partnerships with CCTSI​, The Veteran's Aministration (VA), the Center on Aging​ and other local and community colleagues. 

​​Activity: To submit and conduct proposals that incorporate existing and explore new D&I methods and models. ​​​


3. To contribute to the D&I field by publishing and providing electronic and other practical resources for training in and application of D&I.

 Veiw Publishing/Resource Activities

Activity: Publish D&I articles​ in high quality journals.

Activity: Promote, revise and evaluate existing eBooks​and develop additional eBooks. 

Activity: Create, evaluate and disseminate online self-assessment tools and brief  ‘checklists’ for applying D&I concepts and models.

Activity: Expand, revise and enhance ACCORDS D&I website resources, usability and navigation​.​