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Request Consultations

Use the contact form below to set up a consultation

Consultation Request Process
If you know the biostatistics core team member you wish to contact, please still complete the consultation request form online (link below), but feel free to contact that individual team member directly. If content area, biostatistical methods issue or questions and expertise of one of the above is the clearly best fit, directly contact that team member. If you are unclear or your request cuts across multiple biostatistics areas, please contact Miriam Dickinson, who will be the primary consultation contact person and will triage consultation requests to the most appropriate biostatistics core team member.

Since we usually work on multiple projects at a time, advance notice is strongly encouraged.
For grant submissions at least eight weeks advance notice is required. 
For letter of intent submissions at least four weeks advance notice is required. 
For abstract submissions at least four weeks advance notice is required.

Effort on Grants:
We strongly recommend that biostatisticians be actively involved throughout the grant proposal development process, including participation in the specification of research objectives and approach; proposal writing; and the making of budgetary decisions for biostatistician and programmer effort commitments, computer and software purchases, and scientific travel. In general, we recommend a minimum of 5-10% of PhD biostatistics effort on R03/R21 and foundation grants, and a minimum of 10% in R01 type grants. 

Preparation for the consultation

Your consultation experience will be more efficient and productive if you think about and come prepared to share the following with the biostatistics core team member:   
Your specific question(s) and request,
How this issue fits into your overall research proposal or work,

To aid in this process, we ask that you please complete this Consultation Request Form. This form takes less than 5 minutes to complete and is confidential. Your completed form will go to Miriam Dickinson, who will contact you within 1 week of submission to coordinate a consultation meeting.