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ACCORDS Research Areas

About ACCORDS Research

Research at ACCORDS focuses on health outcomes or health services research as well as “delivery science” encompassing comparative effectiveness, patient-centered outcomes and implementation and dissemination research across the entire life spectrum.  ACCORDS research incorporates NIH categories of T3-T4, as illustrated below.


So little of what is discovered through basic medical research is ever effectively translated into practice. With increasing recognition of the difficulties translating discovery into practice, many researchers at ACCORDS focus on how to effectively implement evidence-based practice in real world settings.  In addition, many ACCORDS researchers focus on prevention of disease through the delivery of effective primary care and public health interventions.  Others focus on the interface between patients and the health care system and how to optimize patient preferences and shared decision-making.  The use of technologies, such as mobile health or informatics, is a major focus for other researchers. 

ACCORDS research is highly collaborative and team-based, involving clinicians, social scientists, quantitative and qualitative researchers and policy experts.  Although not inclusive, listed below are some areas of research depth at ACCORDS and funded projects within each area.

1)  Research focus in pediatric and adult populations

2)   Additional research in pediatric populations

3)   Additional research in adult populations