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ACCORDS Newsroom

9/16/2019 Washington Post

Dr. Allison Kepme is interviewed about the results of a 2016 survey relating to a recent study on patient provider interactions around the Menengitis B vaccine.

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8/28/2019 Forbes

Dr. Sean O'Leary speaks on a new campaign launched to disassociate pediatric vaccinations from a negative experience. The campaign features photos of smiling and confident children.

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8/22/2019 9News

Dr. Larry Allen is interviewed about left ventricular assist devices and one case in particular, helping a patient continue on with activity later in life.

8/19/2019 Medscape

Dr. Daniel Matlock is featured, pushing the importance of decision aid adoption in high stakes medical decisions. The focus is on the patient and the provider, not just the patients. 

8/19/2019 ​American Academy of Pediatrics News

​Dr. Patricia Braun backs the fluoridation of community drinking water despite results of lower IQ in boys born to women with higher levels of fluoride intake during pregnancy. She postulates the possible need to reduce fluoride​ intake during pregnancy. 

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8/19/2019 Medical Xpress
MedicalXpress thumb.JPG

Dr. Prateeti Khazanie discusses the importance in understanding sex differences in clinical care in order to better aid in patient and provider decisions in the future. 

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5/29/2019 American Academy of Pediatrics News

Dr. Jamie Feinstein highlights key issues when prescribing opioids to children with special healthcare needs.

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5/​28/2019 Popular Science

Dr. Jamie Feinstein discusses guidelines in opioid prescription to kids vs. teens.

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5/20/2019 Popular Science

Many clinician researchers at the University of Colorado Denver are now studying how to combat the anti-vax movement.

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4/30/2019 KOA NewsRadio & The Wall Street Journal

Dr. Sean O’Leary talks about measles outbreak.

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3/27/2019 The New York Times

The conversation on the measles outbreak continues with Dr. Sean O'Leary speaking out about religious exemptions.

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3/5/2019 The New York Times

Dr. Sean O'Leary speaks about the difficulty of debunking the "vaccine-autism myth."

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3/1/2019 American Speech-Language-Hearing Association WIRE (Monthly Report) ASHA Wire thumb.JPG

Dr. Megan Morris is featured in the cover story, "Communication: It's Crucial to Care." Dr. Morris backs the use of supportive communication strategies by physicians in clinic while addressing patients with communication disorders. The lack of their use is a barrier to high-quality​ care for many patients.

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2/​21/2019​ UCHealth Today

Patient involvement is the key to better outcomes in heart failure populations, say Dr. Larry Allen and project manager Gracie Finnigan-Fox of ACCORDS Colorado Program for Patient Centered Decisions.

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2/22/2019 KUNC

Research done by ACCORDS' investigator Dr. Sean O'Leary may have impact on lawmakers decisions surrounding the measles vaccine. 

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2/20/2019 Briefings in Palliative Medicin​e

​Channing Tate and Dr. Daniel Matlock lead feasibility and acceptability research in the area of Hospice and using decision aids.

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1/15/2019 CU Anschutz Today
AMC logo thumb.JPG

​An article written by Dr. Amy Feldman, Brenda L. Beaty, Dr. Donna Curtis, Dr. Elizabeth Juarez-Colunga, and Dr. Allison Kempe highlights vaccine-preventable infections in pediatric patients.

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1/8/2019 Colorado Public Radio & FOX31

CPR thumb.JPG​​D​r. Heather Hoch was interviewed for a CPR special "How Teen Vaping Became An Epidemic." (10:47)

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12/21/2018 CU Anschutz Today
AMC logo thumb.JPG

​Dr. Sean O'Leary was asked about his new book “The Clinician’s Vaccine Safety Resource​ Guide” ​in this video interview.

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12/04/2018 Contemporary​ Pediatrics

Dr. Allison Kempe was featured in December's issue highlighting Category B recommendations for the MenB ​vaccine prompted by a manuscript written by herself and a host of supporting ACCORDS faculty.

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11/27/2018 Colorado Cancer Blogs/Clarivate AnalyticsCO Cancer Blog thumb.JPG

Dr. Russ Glasgow among three other local investigators were internationally recognized as 2018 Highly Cited Researchers. This marks the second year in a row for Dr​. Glasgow.

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10/28/2018 The Washington Post - Health & Science
Wash Post.JPG

Dr. Megan Morris explains issues related to discrimination and doctor's visits - how current laws are not eno​ugh.

09/13/2018 ​American Heart Association - Professional Heart Daily Newsaha_heart_torch_thumb.png

A statement on resistant hypertension, written for the American Heart Association by Dr. Stacie Daugherty and colleagues receives ​recognition. 

08/21/2018 TODAY/Reuters/MedPage Today/AAP NewsMedpage today thumb.jpg
Reuters thumb.jpgAAP_News thumb.pngToday thumb.png

Dr. Allison Kempe discusses doctor's hesitation to discuss the Meningococcal B vaccine with teens during routine clinic visits

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05/21/2018 The New York Times
NYTimes thumb.JPG

Drs. Heather Hoch and Stanley Szefler were interviewed about recently presented research on chronic asthma.

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04/18/2018 American College of Physicians Internist

Q and A with Laura Hurley, MD, MPH, FACP about her study on pneumococcal vaccine recommendations.

04/06/2018 CU Anschutz Today
AMC logo thumb.JPG
MedicalXpress thumb.JPG

Allison Kempe, MD, MPH was interviewed for a recent study on behavior change and vaccine rates and is featured in multiple publications.

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04/04/2018 The Washington PostThe Washington Post thumb.JPG

A study, co-authored by Allison Kempe, MD, MPH, around behavior change and HPV vaccines was featured in a recent article in The Washington Post.

04/03/2018 Contemporary PediatricsCont Peds logo thumb.JPG

A study done by Sean O'Leary, MD, MPH was featured in Contemporary Pediatrics showing vaccines​ do not weaken a child's immune system.

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03/06/2018 JAMA
JAMA thumb.JPG
Sean O'Leary, MD, MPH was invited by JAMA to write an editorial on the safety of the childhood​

immunization schedule.

02/27/2018 Science MagazineScience Mag thumb.JPG

Larry Allen, MD, MHS and Jocelyn Thompson, MA were interviewed about their article recently published  in JAMA Internal Medicine covering patient decision-making tools developed on the Anschutz  Medical Campus.

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02/13/2018 Colorado Cancer Center BlogsCO Cancer Center logo.JPG

Russ Glasgow, PhD was recently named one of the world's most impactful researchers by Clarivate Analytics, identifying authors most frequently cited, showing their influence in respective fields.

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12/07/2017 CNN

CHIP funding is latest victim of DC dysfunction. Again, Chris S​tille, MD, MPH talks about the implications​ of the nation's tax reform.​

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12/06/17 Colorado Public Radio CPR thumb.JPG

Will CHIP Funding Be Restored? Colorado Is Preparing For What Comes Next; The Child Health Clinic at Children’s Hospital Colorado. Chris Stille, MD, MPH talks about the implications of the nation's tax reform.