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Mental / Behavioral / Developmental Health

The World Health Organization reported that mental illness accounts for over 15% of the burden of disease in developed countries. Mental health disorders, like anxiety and depression, can co-concur with alcohol and substance abuse which affects academic and life functioning and socioeconomic status in adulthood. Mental disorders in children can often be severe and persistent. Medical expenditures for the treatment of childhood mental disorders is higher than all other children’s health conditions.

Dr. Elaine Morrato is focusing on the adoption of drug safety recommendations into clinical practice. In 2007, she had eight publications in this area and currently is leading research evaluating the adoption of diabetes screening recommendations for patients taking second-generation antipsychotics. ACCORDS’ drug safety research will receive a big boost from an AHRQ grant to the Center that has pediatric components. Drs. Bunik and Stafford are evaluating a program that has been implemented at the pediatric clinic at The Children’s Hospital involving co-location of psychiatric services within pediatric primary care practice. In addition to evaluating the effectiveness of the program on patient outcomes, ACCORDS researchers are also evaluating the effectiveness of this delivery model on teaching residents about psychiatric issues.

Current Grants