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ACCORDS Child Program

Health care practice and policy for children

Welcome to The ACCORDS Child Program!

The Child Program of ACCORDS is a multi-disciplinary research program that brings together the resources, methodologies and researchers to conduct research focusing on problems responsible for the greatest morbidity among children in the United States.  We are one of the few national research programs that focuses specifically on examining effectiveness of health care interventions for children at an  individual, community and national level.

So little of what is discovered through basic medical research is ever effectively translated into practice. The program's work is focused on this translational phase of science, in other words, we find out what actually happens when a treatment or health care program is implemented. Researchers at COR work in the areas of health services, quality improvement and comparative effectiveness research. Such research is critical to guiding future health care practice and policy for children.  

There is also a research center at ACCORDS, The Center for Research in Implementation Science and Prevention (CRISP), that capitalizes on the longstanding work of CU and Children’s Colorado Hospital researchers on improving clinical preventive services within primary care practice and communities. CRISP will be specifically focusing on how to improve implementation of effective practices to enhance health.

The ACCORDS Child Program brings together faculty from the Departments of Pediatrics, Surgery, and Family Medicine at the University of Colorado and the Departments of Community and Behavioral Health and Health Systems, Management, and Policy from the University of Colorado School of Public Health.  In addition to funding from the Children’s Hospital Research Institute, COR has been awarded multiple grants from the National Institutes of Health, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the American College of Surgeons, the American Lung Association, the American Diabetes Association, State governments and a number of private donors. 

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