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ACCORDS is both an act​ual and virtual program, with a group of investigators from multiple disciplines who have their primary office on-site and a much larger group affiliating with ACCORDS personnel, programs and cores while maintaining an off-site research home.  Currently, 46 investigators, 25 research assistants, 12 biostatisticians/analysts and 9 administrative and information technology personnel have office space with ACCORDS.  Over a hundred additional investigators interface with the program, primarily for consultation or to attend educational offerings.  Collaborating investigators represent all School of Medicine departments, as well the School of Public Health, the School of Pharmacy and the Nursing School. ACCORDS serves as an incubator for research ideas, fosters interdisciplinary collaboration, as well as the development of focused areas of research of national prominence. 


ACCORDS is organized into five programmatic areas and six Methodological Cores, please explore this site to learn more about our consortium.