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2018 Down syndrome Research Supregroup Meetings

3rd Wednesday of every month



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We are on a mission to improve the lives of people with Down syndrome


We use state-of-the-art, transformational research platforms to decipher the unique biology and disease spectrum of people with Down syndrome (DS). Our ultimate goal is to enable Precision Medicine approaches to improve health outcomes in DS, including the development of new diagnostic and therapeutic tools.​​

Latest News​​


​Dr. Espinosa is a featured guest on the "How on Earth" Podcast​. Listen to the broadcoast > >​


​Crnic scientists find that trisomy 21 represses cilia formation and function​. Read the paper here > >​


CU researchers find links between Down syndrome and the immune system​. Read the story here > >​


​Transcriptome analysis of isogenic iPSC cells with disomy or trisomy 21​. Read the paper here > >​


​Dr. Espinosa is interviewed by Telemundo Denver on World Down Syndrome Day​. Watch it here > >​


​Colorado representative introduces the 'MIND' Act of 2018 to congress​. Read the press release >>​​