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Linda Crnic Institute

Linda Crnic Institute for Down Syndrome


Our mission is to improve the lives of people with Down syndrome via advanced biomedical research.​

We use state-of-the-art, transformational research platforms to decipher the unique biology and disease spectrum of people with Down syndrome. Our ultimate goal is to enable Precision Medicine approaches to improve health outcomes in Down syndrome, including the development of new diagnostic and therapeutic tools.​​​ Learn more about our mission and vision.​

​​Our Annual Symposium is almost here!​

Mark your calendars for our annual Down Syndrome Research Symposium​You won't want to miss this full day of research talks from Crnic Supergroup​ investigators, as well as Keynote Speaker, Dr. Angelika Amon, Co-Director of the new Alana Center for Down Syndrome at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

September 25, 2019​ from 9:00 am - 4:00 pm 
Hensel Phelps West Auditorium
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We've created the largest geographical cluster of Down syndrome researchers in the world.​

Comprised of over 50 Principal Investigators and countless more contributing scientists, our researchers represent widely varied fields of expertise from across the University of Colorado campuses. Together, we are working to decipher the complex and multi-faceted mechanisms and health impacts of Down syndrome. Learn more about our research.

​​We need partners like you to grow and accelerate our work.

Ours is a mission that was never meant to be accomplished alone. We are already indebted to our prestigous network of collaborating scientists, business partners, generous donors, and brave research volunteers, and we cannot continue moving forward without your sustained support.

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