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Maintenance of Certification Portfolio Approval Program

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The Maintenance of Certification Portfolio Approval Program (MOCPAP) within the School of Medicine helps physicians understand and meet the requirements of their specific American Board of Medical Specialty’s (ABMS) standards for Maintenance of Certification (MOC).
According to ABMS, in 2000 MOC was adopted as a policy with general standards for all of its member boards. Subsequently, the 24 specialty boards began issuing time-limited certificates for physicians.  Of the 24 specialty boards, 20 participate in the national Multi-Specialty Portfolio Program within ABMS. This program acts as a hub for MOC activity between the participating specialty boards and the local institutions, like CUSOM, providing standards and continuity for MOC requirements.
As of October 1, 2012, the Multi-Specialty Portfolio Program granted approval to the University of Colorado School of Medicine (CUSOM) to award MOC Part IV credit to physicians participating in quality improvement (QI) projects, which is a requirement for MOC re-certification. The CUSOM MOC Program will help reduce the administrative burden for physicians seeking MOC Part IV credit, while ensuring they complete meaningful quality improvement activities and meet the high standards for self-evaluation necessary for receiving MOC Part IV credit.
The CUSOM Maintenance of Certification Portfolio Approval Program provides:
1.   An institutional resource for MOC Part IV requirements for participating specialty boards.
2.   Guidance on selecting, developing and implementing QI projects.
3.   Formal approval and reporting of MOC Part IV credit for QI projects to the Multi-Specialty MOC Program (within ABMS) and the participating specialty boards.
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The CUSOM MOC Program is a resource for faculty at University of Colorado Hospital (UCH), Children's Hospital Colorado (CHCO), Denver Health Medical Center (DHMC), Veteran's Affairs Hospital (VAH) as well as Clinical (Volunteer) faculty and Physician Assistants (PAs) in the CUSOM system.  The MOC Portfolio Approval Program at CUSOM is endorsed and funded by the Department Chairs using funds administered by UPI and CU School of Medicine.