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UCH Clinical Effectiveness and Patient Safety - Small Grants Program

2007 QI Projects

Active Patient Involvement in Ongoing Medication Reconciliation
Ethan Cumbler, MD,  Jean Kutner, MD, MSPH, Heidi Wald, MD, MPH
Medical Screening Exams Study: An Opportunity to Measure Safety and Cost-Effectiveness
Bruce Evans, MD, Morgan Valley, MS, Kathleen Oman, RN, PhD, Steven Lowenstein, MD, MPH
Measuring the Impact of a Medical Service Designed to Improve Processes and Outcomes of Care for the Hospitalized Frail Older Patient 
Heidi Wald, MD, Ethan Cumbler, MD, Jeffrey Glasheen, MD
Improving Procedural Safety through Simulation Training (IPSST): Central Venous Access Training Using Medical Simulation Technology
Paul A. Hudson, MD, MS, Minal Kapoor, MD, Andrew J. Klein, MD, Laura Erben, MD, Robert McIntyre, MD, Stacie Daughtery, MD, Todd Bull, MD, John D. Carroll, MD, John C. Messenger, MD, FACC
Implementing Evidence Based Practices in the Reduction of Catheter Related Blood Stream Infections (CRBSIs)
Minal Kapoor, MD, Michelle Barron, MD, Nancy Madinger, MD, Paul A. Hudson, MD, Linda Burton, BSN CIC, Todd Bull, MD