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2013 Funded QI Projects

Improving Efficiency, Effectiveness, Patient-Centeredness and Safety of the Hospital Discharge Process
Amy Tyler, MD
Stewardship of Antimicrobials Aims to Increase the Judicious, Safe and Effective Use of Antimicrobials while Preventing Resistance, Side-Effects and Excessive Antimicrobial Costs
Sarah Parker, MD, Jason Child, PharmD  
High Fidelity Simulation Training for Caregivers of Ventilator-dependent Patients
Christopher Baker, MD  
Means Restriction Education for Adolescent Suicide Prevention: A quality improvement pilot project at Children’s Hospital Colorado (CHCO)
Amy Becker, MD, Douglas Novins, MD
Identification of Children at Risk for Complications of Topical Corticosteroids
Stephanie Hsu, MD, Colleen Wood, MD, Dan Atkins, MD, David Fleisher, MD, Glenn T Furuta, MD, Jo Anne Newton, RN
Connecting High Risk Asthma Patients to Care
Monica Federico, MD
Prevalence of Potentially Infectious Pathogens on Surfaces in the Orthopedic Operating Room (OR) at Children’s Hospital Colorado (CHCO) Before and After both Terminal and Turnover Cleanings using Bacterial Culture Methods
Andrea Prinzi, M(ASCP), Cynthia Ellwood, PhD, CIH, James Todd, MD, Samuel Dominguez, MD, PhD, Susan Dolan, RN, MS, CIC
Quality Improvement Initiative to Reduce Hospital-Associated Respiratory Viral Infection in the Neonatal ICU
Theresa Grover, MD
A Collaborative Data-Driven Health Care Network Dedicated to Improving Health of Children with Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)
Edward Hoffenberg, MD