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Frequently Asked Questions

School of Medicine Faculty Affairs Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and answers are listed below:

How does the 7-year “Up or Out” clock work at the School of Medicine?
What are the different types of faculty appointments?
If a department chair decides not to renew a faculty member’s appointment, is the faculty member entitled to notice?
Who is eligible for tenure in the School of Medicine? How often is tenure awarded? What are the standards for awarding tenure?
What are the rules governing sabbatical assignments?
What is the University Physicians, Inc. (UPI) Member Practice Agreement, and who needs to sign it?
What happens to my sick and vacation time when I leave the University?
Why can't faculty moonlight?
Can faculty members campaign for elections?
What is the Faculty Housing Assistance Program?
What happened to the Faculty Handbook?
What is the Faculty Tuition Benefit?
Can faculty members participate in election campaigns?