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Promotions and Tenure

School of Medicine Faculty Affairs


The procedures for appointment and promotion to the Associate Professor and Professor level in the three faculty series, as well as the award of tenure, are fully outlined in the School of Medicine Rules (PDF).

The deadline for submission of dossiers for appointments and promotions to Associate Professor and Professor, as well as the award of tenure, which are to be effective July 1st, are due in the Office of Faculty Affairs by December 31st.  Note that deadlines for submission of dossiers to your Departmental Advisory Committee will be earlier than this deadline.  For detailed information on preparation of dossiers, please see "Dossier Preparation" tab on this page. 

Review for Promotion to Associate Professor, Associate Research Professor, and Associate Professor of Clinical Practice

  • Review for promotion to Associate Professor, Associate Research Professor, or Associate Professor of Clinical Practice, may occur whenever the faculty member meets the specified criteria (see Promotion Criteria tab on this page), but normally the review must begin by the beginning of the seventh year of service as Assistant Professor.
  • Faculty members who are not promoted to Associate Professor during the seventh year at the rank of Assistant Professor will be given one year’s notice of non-renewal. 
  • Note: All Assistant Professors and Assistant Research Professors must undergo a Comprehensive Mid-Term Review, which should be done in the 3rd or 4th year of the Assistant Professor or Assistant Research Professor appointment.  More information regarding this Comprehensive Mid-Term Review can be found here
  • A three-year extension to the seven-year probationary period may be granted before the candidate’s dossier is received by the SOM Faculty Promotions Committee, in accordance with current policies, which are contained in the School of Medicine Rules (PDF). Departments should submit a completed Request for Probationary Period Extension to Cheryl Welch (, Director of Faculty Affairs.  
  • The Process for Promotion – Shared Responsibilities is a guide to the different responsibilities of the individual faculty member, the Department, and the School with regard to promotion to Associate Professor.

There are three different series available for full-time (>50 FTE) faculty (including faculty employed at affiliated hospitals when their FTE between both institutions > 50%).  Click on the titles below to see the criteria specific to that series.

Regular Faculty Series - traditional balance of activities; basic scientists, clinician-scientists, and clinician-educators.

Research Professor Series - grant-funded scientists with limited teaching and service activities.

Clinical Practice Series - clinician-educators with limited or no scholarship activities.

The Promotion Criteria Matrix (Word) is used for all three series to guide faculty members, department chairs, and promotion committees in assessing whether a faculty member has met these criteria.


Dossier Preparation

Dossiers must be prepared for appointments and promotions to Associate Professor and Professor, as well as tenure awards, according to the Checklist for Dossiers (DOC) and are due in the Office of Faculty Affairs by December 31st of each year.  Please note that your department will have an earlier deadline for submission of the dossier for review by your departmental advisory committee, before submission to the Office of Faculty Affairs.  

All dossiers are submitted electronically, using ByCommittee P&T®, an electronic submission and routing platform.  Your department will provide you with information on submission of your dossier through this system.  The "Dossier Submission" tab above also provides information regarding the ByCommittee P&T® system.

We have updated our Dossier Preparation Guide (PDF), which provides important information and examples for preparing promotion and tenure dossiers.  We highly recommend that you review this document before beginning to compile your dossier.  This comprehensive guide contains:

    • Information regarding recommended length of dossiers, including the narrative summaries. Promotion matrices, which include various levels of accomplishment in teaching, clinical, research, scholarship and service activities.
    • Faculty Series Information Sheet, which outines the three different promotion series that are available to SOM faculty.
    • Template CV Abstract Form.
    • Suggested CV Format.

    Promotion Matrix Table Templates

    The table below contains Promotion Matrix Table Templates for each of the areas of accomplishment listed in the Promotion Criteria Matrix.  These templates are intended to assist faculty in documenting their areas of excellence and meritorious accomplishments for their promotion dossier.  There are separate templates for "excellence" and "meritorious" accomplishments. 
    ​Teaching ​Clinical Activity ​Research ​Service ​Scholarship
    Additional documents which can be useful in compiling your dossier include:

      Guide to create links for publications, which provides information on how to create links for publications to be included in dossiers.

      External Reference Letter Request Template (DOC), which is a template that can be used, by department chairs and division heads, when requesting external reference letters.

      Tenure Justification Letter (DOC), which is only needed for new appointments with tenure (not for faculty who are seeking promotion with tenure).

      Scholarship Information

      All faculty in the Regular and Research Professor Series are required to participate in scholarship, as broadly defined in the School of Medicine Rules (PDF). All scholarship implies creativity. The products of all scholarship must be in a format that can be evaluated, which would normally mean a written format, but could include video or computer formats. Further information regarding the types of scholarship that are recognized by the School of Medicine is found in the School of Medicine Rules (PDF).

      In addition, two documents are available that provide information regarding scholarship:

      • Education Scholarship Memo (PDF): "Turning Committee Work and Course Leadership into Teaching Scholarship: A guide for educators at the University of Colorado School of Medicine.”

      • Scholarship Alternatives (PDF): “Alternative Scholarship and Faculty Success: Examples of the scholarship of application, integration and education.”

      Dossier Submission

      All dossiers are submitted electronically, using Interfolio Review, Promotion and Tenure, an electronic submission and routing platform.  Access to the electronic platform is available at:  However, you must be added as a user into the system before you can access the platform.  All departments have administrative staff that can add faculty and other administrative staff as users; however, if you need additional assistance, please contact Cheryl Welch.  

      User Guides are available below for administrative staff; faculty compiling dossiers; committee members (which includes members of department advisory committees, division heads, and department chairs); as well as members of the SOM Faculty Promotions Committee.

      Click here​ to view a Zoom recording of a dossier compilation workshop that was recently presented which outlines the submission process through Interfolio Review, Promotion and Tenure®, as well as provides valuable dossier content tips.

      Click here for Tips for Administrative Staff.

      Awards of Tenure

      Faculty who are employees of the University of Colorado in the regular academic ranks of Associate Professor or Professor are eligible for consideration for an award of tenure. Consideration for promotion and an award of tenure will be separate processes, but they may occur concurrently.

      The award of tenure in the School of Medicine will be reserved for those faculty members who are among the best in their field of scholarly endeavor. The faculty members will also be widely recognized as outstanding and influential teachers, and will show definitive promise of continuing, outstanding contributions to the School of Medicine. Further information regarding criteria for the award of tenure can be found in the School of Medicine Rules (PDF).

      Post-Tenure Reviews

      Tenured faculty members must undergo a post-tenure review every five years. Below are important policies and resources regarding post-tenure reviews.

      Award of Tenure Criteria

      A faculty member at an affiliated institution (e.g., DHHA, NJH, VAMC) who holds the rank of Associate Professor or Professor, and who has a record of outstanding accomplishments in teaching and scholarship, is eligible for consideration for the distinction of “tenure criteria.” The distinction of “tenure criteria” is not the same as tenure and shall not involve any continuing financial obligation by the School of Medicine or the University. A tenure-criteria faculty member at an affiliated hospital who becomes a University employee does not automatically gain tenure but is eligible to apply for tenure in accordance with University and School of Medicine rules.