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Essentials Core Block Directors Committee - Student Page

The ECBD committee is comprised of block directors from the first two phases of medical school in addition to two student representatives from each class. Dr. Robin Michaels is the head of the ECBD. The committee addresses concerns and issues pertaining to the first two years of medical school. More information can be found on Blackboard. Official ECBD Website


Student Representatives:

Class of 2013
Ryan Farmer

Class of 2014
Chelsea Wolf and Brandon Sawyer

Class of 2015
Ryan Best and Jenna Tjossem

​Class of 2016
Kristen Beck and Claire Bovet​

Last Meeting: October  2012

​Meeting Summary:

  1. Colorado Springs Branch Timeline: Class of 2018 will matriculate in fall 2014 with 184 students, 24 of which will be specifically accepted to the branch campus for 3rd and 4th year clinical rotations. There will be pilot rotations in the 3rd year curriculum for Classes of 2014-2017 on elective basis per prior announcements.
  2. CVPR Block Report: Block directors have decided to switch back Cardio and Pulm for scheduling reasons and block logistics. Major student complaint among others was poor timing of heart sounds/murmur lectures which will try to be moved up to an earlier time slot in the block.  Dr. Horwitz said this was purely a scheduling problem with lecturers that could only give their time earlier in the block thus forcing this lecture later and later.  Foundations will also try to work more closely with the cardio block to synch up material.  Despite this, the block received the hightest student rating (4.3/5) in the past 6 years.
  3. Infectious Disease Block Report: Only major changes for next year will be to shift the exam content so that the largest amount of material appears on the middle of 3 exams rather than the final of 3 exams. The block directors have responded to student feedback to ease the load slightly when we are on the verge of boards.  Thus, exam 1 will be worth 30%, exam 2 will be worth 40%, exam 3 will be worth 30% rather than 30%-30%-40%.
  4. Life Cycles Block Report: No major changes will be made next year. Students genearlly appreciated fairness of exams, a well-run block, and small groups to aid their learning. Suggestions to improve the block included reducing required reading assigned by lecturers or at least cut down redundancy if narrative style handouts were provided, there would be no assigned reading on top of this.