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Welcome Class of 2017!

You probably remember that Dean Celia Kaye synthesized the ideals from your orientation Creative Projects into two sentences. We have posted it here so you can see it.

"We aspire to invest ourselves together in the hard work of building a solid and lasting foundation* toward a dual and balanced dream of the ideal physician:  to change the world by protecting our patients as we learn and teach; by relieving suffering one patient at a time and in the world; and by furthering science as we serve humanity and our communities together."

Here is an abbreviated list of your class reps. If you'd like the more extensive list, please check your class's Canvas site:

Class Co-Presidents:​​​​ Brenna Benson and Whitney Sumner​
Vice President: 
Secretary: Alyssa Blood
Treasurer: Dan Fisher
MSC Rep: Andy Hagar

Congratulations to the new leaders for the Class of 2017!

Class Co-Presidents: Brenna Benson and Whitney Sumner

Vice President:

Secretary: Alyssa Blood

Treasurer: Dan Fisher

MSC Rep: Andy Hagar

Pro Studs: Mindy Nyguen, Emily Hause, Dai-An Vo-Ba, Cenea Kemp
Honor Council : Ian Eisenhauer
Student Senate Reps: Joann Mueller, Adam Esch
Curriculum Steering Committee: Sonny Nguyen
Longitudinal Curriculum Committee: Micheal Berger
Faculty Senate Rep: Kenny Rodriguez
Social Chairs: Evan Dupart, Allen Ruan, Molly Ray
Historian: Huy Phan
REACH/IPE Rep: Kenji Tanabe
Foundations Rep: Amelia Bowman
Office of Diversity Rep: Samuel Tesfalidet
Student Professionalism Committee: Jason Santiago
Student Wellness Reps: Alex Steinberg, Bailey Johnson, Benjamin Saccomano
Orientation Video: Clay Garthe
Essentials Core Block Reps: Jaleh Akhavan, Alyssa Self
VOICE Committee Rep: Sonny Stoen
Clerkship Block Reps: Tyler Okland, Arian Anderson
Alumni Board Reps: Jennifer Sternberg, Nikki Look

Transitions Document April.pdf

MSC Bylaws Latest.pdf

University WebMail - Your new email accounts

Canvas - Where all of your course information, class calendars will be kept

Accepted Students Site - This contains your MSI handbook, information on the honor code and links to other programs you might be interested in

Health Sciences Library -great resource for MSA ideas, lit reviews, etc. Check out their resource guides

Wikspaces - Useful information, practice tests and study tools from the classes before you



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