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University of Colorado Medical School Class of 2016

Welcome to the Class of 2016!

Class of 2016
​​​​​​​​​​Co-Presidents (2, 1 year): Ani Reddy & 
Bianca Pullen
Vice-President (1, 1 year): Lynne Wood
Secretary (1, 1 year):
Treasurer (1, 1 year): Toyin Akintujoye
MSC Rep (1, 1 year): Jose Diego

Co-Presidents (2, 1 year): Ani Reddy
Bianca Pullen
Vice-President (1, 1 year): Lynne Wood
Secretary (1, 1 year):
Treasurer (1, 1 year): Oluwatoyin Akintujoye
MSC Rep (2, 1 year):
Social Reps (3, 1 year): Tom Califf, Kelsey Luoma and Quan Bui
Historian (2, 1 year): Ryan Caldwell​
Office of Diversity Representative (2, 1 year): Jim Do and Gabrielle Whitmore
Prospect. Student Rep (4, 1.5 yrs): Paul Tran, Natasha Cabrera, Melanie Schow, Funmi Ogunremi
Alumni Board Representatives (2, 4 years): Jason Hafer and Jessica Rice
Wellness Representatives (3, 1 year): Dan Nguyen, Sarah Cebron and Logan Mims
Financial Aid Rep (1, 4 years): Sarah Tietz
Technology Rep (1, 4 years): Mark Hopkins​
Orientation Video Producer (2-3): Alex Ghincea and Tyler Barr​

​Committee Reps
Honor Council Rep (1, 4 years): Ganji (Halinganji) Kanani
Professionalism Rep (1, 4 years): Seth Lofgreen​
Faculty Senate Rep (1, 4 years): Shamita Punjabi​
Intercampus Teaching Excellence Committee Rep (2+, 1 year): Madeline Rovira
Curriculum Steering Committee Rep (2, 4 years): Regina Kwon and Warren Pettine
Longitudinal Curriculum Committee (1, 4 years): June Ng
VOICE Committee Representatives (2, 4 years): Robbie FlickPaige Bennett​
Student Senate (2, 1 year): Matthew Iacovetto

Course/Block Reps

Human Body Block Course Rep (2, duration of course): Natasha Marvi​ and Romany Redman
M2M Course Reps (2, duration of course): Brittany Cowfer & Josh Shapiro
Blood and Lymph Course Rep (2): Shamita Punjabi and Abby Nimz
Disease and Defense Course Rep (2): Bethany Morris and Sarah Allexan
Cardiovascular, Pulmonary, Renal (2): Brittany MacDonald​, Jessica Nicholas
Neuro Course Reps: Brooke Bredbeck and Fu Wang
Digestion, Endocrine and Metabolism Course Reps: Raquel De Andrade Pereira and Funmi Ogunremi

Foundations of Doctoring Rep (1, duration of course): 
Maggie Reinsvold and Cory Manly​
Essentials Core Block Director Reps (2, 4 years): Claire BovetKristen Beck
Clerkship Block Director (2): Alex Ghincea and Gilbert Acevedo
REACH Rep (2, duration of course): Jose Diego and Jack Conner​
Step 1 Committee: Seth Lofgreen, Fu Wang​
MSA Course Rep (2, duration of course): Ibukun Akinboyewa


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