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University of Colorado SOM Class of 2014

 Class Leadership:

     Co-Presidents: Angela Shaddeau & Carmen Sepulveda

     Vice President: Natalia Arango

     Treasurer: Ali Azadegan

     Representative: Igor Shumskiy

     AAMC Organization of Student Representatives Rep: Damian Illing​

January 22, 2013- 3rd Year Rotations Handbook
As a third year, have you ever had the feeling that you have no idea what to expect from a given rotation at a given location?  When you start, will you have weekends off? Where will you park when you get there? Should you wear a white coat? What resources are helpful for studying for the end-of-block exams?

With that in mind, the members of your class leadership wanted to develop a resource for knowing what to expect from each rotation, and to a certain extent what to expect from each location.  We talked about all of the information we wish we had at our fingertips when selecting our choices for rotations and as we started them.  So, we put together an Excel document that is structured similarly to the Excel logger, but has questions about each rotation.  

While we can't change the fact that we didn't know that parking at the VA would require excellent parallel parking skills, we would like for this to be something that we can circulate to classes below us in a relatively open format, so please keep your comments constructive.  We will not be able to publish comments that bash a particular location or rotation.  If you had a terrible time on a certain rotation, please refrain from harping on that hospital or those residents/attendings. We would like to be able to have Student Affairs approve of this document.

If you could take some time to click on the link below and fill out a few of the tabs we would be extraordinarily grateful. If the rotation had you at more than one location (i.e. subspecialties for surgery or 2 locations for medicine), please fill out separate lines for each.

Check your school e-mail for the link to the Google doc, or e-mail any of the people listed below.

Thank you!

Class of 2014 Leadership (Angi, Carmen, Natalia, Igor, Andrew, Damian, Christie)​

January 21, 2013- From the class leadership...
1. The Dean has the opportunity to nominate a student in our class for consideration for selection to serve as the AMA student member of the Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME).  Two medical students in the country serve as voting members of the panel, one is appointed by the AMA.  The student must be a current AMA member and able to devote the time to LCME activities, including attendance at three meetings, starting with a meeting in June 2013.  If any of you who are members are interested in this position, please contact Dean Garrity ASAP.

2. T-shirts for the Class of 2014
Just a reminder that we are accepting T-shirt designs for our class. The plan is for us to have the T-shirts by ICC week so that we can all have some class spirit! Please submit your T-shirt design to Angi or Carmen by Feb 1st. You can use or any other T-shirt design website if you want!

3. MSC Updates:
  • ​-Dean Krugman discussed the expected fee increases for tuition next year. At this time the medical schools is submitting a 6% fee increase to the regents. MSC will be receiving the expected fee changes and will be submitting a reply in the near future. If you have any particular thoughts, please let us know. 

  • -Dean Kaye informed us of the parting of both our beloved Dr. Winn and Dimple Patel. Please make sure to thank them for all that they have done for us and our school. It is going to be a tough transition, especially for the admission committee. It is very possible that the philosophy of the committee will change depending on who becomes the next dean of admissions. 

  • -2nd look day updates: Sounds like the day will be very similar to previous years with lunch from noodles and awesome t-shirts. There should be an email coming soon from the committee requesting volunteers for the day. The afternoon ice cream social may turn into more of a interactive game, however we don't know all the details yet. 

  • -2 innovation awards have been offered. Details to come soon about the great projects that are in the works for the city of aurora. 

  • -WE DID IT! We had the best 3rd year turnout for the winter gala in recent years! Thanks for coming out and supporting our class, being classy, and showing everyone that 3rd year hasn't killed us just yet.

  • -CAPE updates- Eva Aagard is the new faculty member working with the CAPE. It sounds like she is taking large steps to review the experiences students have throughout all four years and evaluate the effectiveness of this education.  There will be more updates to come.

Curriculum Committees:

Curriculum Steering Committee (CSC): Chelsea Wolf​ & Jacob Nacht

Essential Core Block Director (ECBD): Chelsea Wolf & Brandon Sawyer

Clinical Block Director (CBD) Chelsea Wolf​ Jacob Nacht

Longitudinal Curriculum Committee (LCC)Igor Shumskiy & Christie Osborne​

VOICE Committee RepresentativesRyan Roth & Charlie Johnson​​​


Student Senate: Veronica Searles, Charley Tharp, Lisa Mettler, Maggie Emmott

Faculty Senate: Jon Kark

Professionalism & Honor Council​:

Professionalism:​ Matt Shirazi

Honor Council:​ Charlie Johnson


Intercampus Teaching Excellence Committee Reps: Lauren Harrell & Jessica Lee

Financial Aid Rep to the Student Financial Aid CommitteeDamian Illing

Social Chair: Alian Aquino & Andrew Demars

HistorianLauren Harrell & Carmen Sepulveda

Course RepsEthics- Sara ParkeFoundations of Doctoring- Sara Scannell & Nick Breitenauer

Office of Diversity RepresentativeSabrina Renteria & Anandi Ramaswami

Alumni Board RepresentativeBrandon Sawyer & Roxanne Martinez

Wellness Rep: Kiersten Pollard & David Leopold​

November 11, 2012- Student Senate Update
Your team of student representatives (Charles Tharp, Veronica Searles, Lisa Mettler, Maggie Emmott) has been working hard to represent our class on Student Senate this fall. Below is a brief list of decisions and accomplishments that we would like to share with you!
  • •    Voted “No” for MTV’s education TV programming in Building 500. There were few benefits to signing up for the programming and it included potential costs that we did not agree with.

  • •    Successfully hosted an on-campus debate for the CU-Regent with 4 candidates present and dozens of audience members. FYI the incumbent Ludwig (D) won the race for CU Regent At Large.

  • •    Provided feedback on planning for campus lay-out – we preferred a walkable campus built around openness to public transportation (buses, light rail) and biking. In addition, there was extensive discussion about appropriate and accessible parking for students. It is likely that in the future, student parking will be moved off campus, and students will need to take a brief shuttle to campus. Details TBD, and outcome unlikely to affect our class as we will graduate before major changes are in effect., we will keep you posted as any updates roll in. 

  • •    Philanthropy: many philanthropic activities are planned for this academic year. Keep your eyes peeled for details regarding a winter Toys for Tots drive.

  • •    Student life: currently researching the feasibility of organized excursions to local restaurants. Spring Fling BBQ is confirmed, and there may also be a beer tasting component to the event

Upcoming topics of discussion will include:
  • •    Funding for interprofessional programs (ethics & REACH): these programs were previously grant funded, but will need new funding in the future. Options include student fees. We will be sending out a brief survey to the class once we have more details on the proposed choices.

Feel free to contact the four of us at any time, and the Student Senate website is updated monthly for your viewing pleasure!