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Curriculum Steering Committee - Student Page

The Curriculum Steering Committee is responsible for the design, implementation, review and revision of the medical school curriculum. Recognizing the central role of the faculty in this process, the CSC is charged with oversight of the curriculum and its evolution, guided by systemic evaluation of the entire curriculum. It also serves to ensure that the curriculum meets the goals and objectives of the VOICE committee and the SOM strategic mission, recognizing that these objectives are derived from the knowledge, experience, and commitment of faculty. The CSC is committed to working closely with the Associate Deans for Essentials Core and Clinical Curriculum, Essentials and Clinical Core Block Directors and all other curriculum development faculty as well as committees of Undergraduate Medical Education to guide, revise, and implement changes and foster quality improvement. Members include:

          • Clinical and basic science faculty members, chairs and block directors
          • Student representatives from each class including an MSTP student and alternative
          • The Directors of Evaluation, FDC, MSTP, CAPE, and (Medical Student Research) MSR. 


There are also many ex-officio members. 

A list of updated student representatives can be found on your class's Canvas page (remember: class pages are listed under "Modules" on Canvas)​