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About Us

​​The Emergency Medicine Interest Group is a student-directed group for those interested in learning about Emergency Medicine (EM).  The group is run by an annually-elected steering committee that:

  • Introduces junior medical students to EM by coordinating logistics and handling student feedback for the School of M​edicine's introductory EM electives: EMED 6626, 6627, 6628
  • Supplements medic​al education with critical clinical skills nights
  • Offers campus-wide lectures on EM related topics
  • Connects medical students with the EM community through shadowing and research opportunities
  • Fosters community and helps committed students navigate the match process with a mentorship program for MS3s / MS4s

Lectures are open to anyone with an interest in the topic. Skills labs have participation caps, and EMIG members receive priority registration. EMIG members are also eligible to participate in the pre-hospital medicine elective.

Registration for EMIG occurs during the School of Medicine orientation week, at the campus-wide welcome weekend, or at skills labs. To register at another time, please contact us at


Faculty Advisors:

Michael Overbeck​​, MD 
Associate Professor
Emergency Medicine
​​Kennon Heard, MD
Associate Professor
Medicine-Clinical Pharm & Toxicology
Emergency Medicine

Steering Committee Members:






  • ​David Murphy
  • Dylan Norton
  • Daniel Balk
  • Jessica Greupner
  • Robert McLeroy
  • Ryan Martyn
  • Doug Brennan
  • Michael Chan
  • Shaeffer Gilliam
  • Lauren Wempe 
  • Saned Raouf 
  • Brittany Farniok 
  • Jessica Nicholas 
  • Shannan Patterson 
  • Rebecca Tran 
  • Paul Leccese 
  • Zach Louderback
  • Alyrene Dorey 
  • Michelle Rybka

    • Adam Esch 
    • Samantha Nino 
    • Ryan Pieterick 
    • Blake Primi 
    • Allen Ruan 
    • Kristin Schmid 
    • Bree Smouse 
    • Gregory Wiener
    • ​Sarah Cain
    • Kenneth Felsenstein
    • Tamara Lhungay
    • Audrey Magnowski
    • Timothy Miller
    • Brian Shreve
    • Sally Westcott
    • Erin Wylie