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 Welcome to the Spring Stampede Step-Up Challenge

The Step-up Challenge is a walking challenge from April 5th through April 20th. We will provide you with a free pedometer and all you have to do is record your steps daily. Any medical student can participate as a free agent or form a team with members of their Advisory College.

Scoring: Each participants steps will be added to their college totals to determine the winner of this challenge. The first place college will receive 50 points, second place 40 points, third place 30 points, fourth place 20 points, fifth place 10 points. In addition, extra points will be awarded for walkers over the age of 40 & MSII participants.

Rules: All steps must be recorded using an official Spring Stampede Pedometer available at the Student Affairs Office or through each class's Wellness Representatives. While we appreciate that running is a great way to get exercise, pedometer monitoring of this vigorous motion is extremely inaccurate so only walking will be scored. Scores can be kept by hand by downloading and printing the form (see link below), or on pre-printed forms available for pickup in the Student Affairs Office or your friendly Wellness Representative. For the more Computer Inclined, you can submit your steps daily through the online steps form (see link below). You must turn in all paper forms or submit online entries by 11:30 am April 20th, Education Building 2, North, Room 1103.

We are assuming that all students will abide by the honor method and keep accurate records of their steps. Should there be any suspicion of exaggeration on the part of a participant, you will be disqualified from participating in this challenge and we will all feel sorry for you because that's pretty lame.

Downloadable Step Log: StepLog.pdf

Online Step Log Form: Click Here

Brought to you by the School of Medicine Wellness Committee.