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 Welcome to the Spring Stampede Save Humpty Challenge

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall, Humpty Dumpty had a great fall. But four-score men and four-score more, Built Humpty a vessel to keep him just as he was before.

Creativity and good teamwork are all you need to build a protective vessel and save Humpty from cracking when dropped from the deck of Ed 2 South. You can assume that Humpty is already receiving the best psychiatric care to address his suicidal tendencies.

Location: Education Building 2 North, Room 1102

Date and Time: April 20th, Stampede Challenge Set 2, Construction will start during round 1 at 1:00 pm; Device testing will start during round 2 at 1:40 pm

Rules: To participate, form a team of 4. Teams may include one faculty or resident advisor. Teams will be provided with all building materials, no additional resources may be used. Teams will be given 30 minutes to construct their contraption. All contraptions will be tested using Stampede certified eggs and dropped by an official challenge judge.

Scoring: Points will be awarded based on the degree of damage sustained by the egg (up to a max of 40 points). Points will also be awarded for the overall presentation of the contraption including any advertising or decorative components (up to a maximum of 10 points). Teams with have members from each medical school class will receive extra points.


Brought to you by Terri Blevins and the Office of Student Affairs.