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Baking for the Win Results

College Results:

1st Place Eolus
2nd Place Mt Sneffels
3rd Place Redcloud
4th Place Bierstadt
5th Place Uncompahgre
6th Place Conundrum

Individual Results: 

Name College Points Title
Gail Stanley Redcloud 53.5 Strawberry Cake Delight
Joedy Hulings Mt Sneffels 52.5 Rice Krispie Cupcakes
Haley Landwehr Eolus 51.5 Monkey Bread
Chelsea Wolf Eolus 50.0 Death by Chocolate Cake
Tracy Marrs Conner Bierstadt 49.0 I gave her my heart and she gave me a cookie
Melissa Noble Eolus 49.0 Heath Cupcake
Madeline Rovira Redcloud 48.0
Redcloud Devil's Food Cupcake
Melissa O'Meara Bierstadt 47.5 Hot Fudge Sunday Cake
Eric Peterson & Rebecca Thomson Conundrum 47.5
Kimmelsteil Wilson Body (Cake Pops)
Amanda Munoz Mt Sneffels 46.5 Double Chocolate Caramel Brownies
Amanda Munoz Mt Sneffels 46.5 Lemon Berry Cupcakes
Maria Velazquez Eolus 46.0 Red Velvet Cookies
Amanda Munoz Mt Sneffels 46.0 Celebration Champagne Cupcakes
Andi Heidler Uncompahgre 46.0 Carmel Apple Dumplings
Sandy Huynh Redcloud 44.0 Hazelnut Mocha Cupcakes
Jennie Buchanan Uncompahgre 43.5 Darn good cookie (Toffee Cookies)
Kelsey Roth Eolus 41.0 Chocolate Chip Banana Bread