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 Welcome to the Spring Stampede Cinder Block Stand

Medical School makes people form close friendships, so this challenge should be a breeze. All you have to do is pull your friends and classmates close and stand still to win this challenge.

Location: Patio in front of Cafe, west side of Ed 2 North

Date and Time: April 20th, Stampede Challenge Set 1, round 1 will start at 11:30 am; round 2 will start at 12:10 pm

Rules: To participate, form a team of 4-6. Teams may include faculty and or resident advisors. Each team member must be touching the cinderblock but may not be touching the ground or any other supportive structure. You may not use any props or tools to assist your team. Teams must stand on the block for at least 15 minutes to earn any points for this challenge.

Scoring: Points will be awarded based on the duration of time completed over 15 minutes (up to a max of 50 points). Teams with at least one member from each medical school class may earn extra points. Teams of greater than 4 members may also earn extra points.