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Class Honor Statements

​Class of 2019

We, the members of the University of Colorado, School of Medicine, Class of 2019, do hereby charge ourselves with the following:

We will strive to maintain our personal health and wellness, act with humility, learn from our failures, and approach each new day with curiosity and enthusiasm.

We commit to being present and teachable, while communicating in an open and honest manner, fostering an inclusive learning environment, nurturing collaborative relationships, and cultivating resiliency within our cohort.

We will honor our teachers by engaging in lifelong learning and offering feedback to improve the training of future students.

We will stay awake to suffering, approach patients as equals, respect individual choice, advance culturally-sensitive care, and seek to understand and serve patients in a holistic way.

We vow to regularly reflect on our privileged position as physicians and develop the courage that compels us to do that which is right, rather than that which is easy.

We pledge to uphold these ideals, advocate for human well-being and social justice, engage in scholarship that enriches the field of medicine, and serve with our communities throughout our lives.

Class of 2018

We, The Class of 2018, pledge to uphold the following principles:

To ourselves, we commit to honor our personal values, to continuously grow and adapt as both physicians and human beings, and to attend to our physical, emotional, and personal well-being, in order to be the best stewards to our patients.

To our classmates and school, we commit to celebrate and support one another, to challenge and to inspire, to be allies while holding each other accountable, and to embrace one another, not only as peers but also as family.

To our patients, we commit to cultivate an atmosphere of cultural sensitivity, compassion and mutual respect, in order to educate, treat, and advocate for their well-being.

To the noble profession of medicine, we commit to champion the tradition of learning from those who have come before us, setting an example for those who will follow, and advancing the field of medicine through research and application.

With these words, we enter the community of medicine with the promise to sustain our own well-being, to unconditionally support one another, to further a world of medicine without boundaries, and to never lose sight of placing the patient first.

​​​Class of 2017

We, the class of 2017, pledge to uphold the following values:

      We commit to act with integrity by behaving honestly and responsibly, using good judgment, and holding each other accountable.

      We commit to lifelong scholarship through intellectual curiosity, scientific research, and medical innovation.

      We commit to stay true to ourselves, to treat each other as family, and to embrace our differences.

      We commit to live with compassion, humility, and empathy.

In committing to these values, our community of medical professionals will be prepared to advance medicine and relieve the suffering of patients locally and across the globe.