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Program Letters of Agreement

ACGME Common Program Requirements:
I.B. Participating Sites
I.B.1. There must be a program letter of agreement (PLA) between the program and each participating site providing a required assignment. The PLA must be renewed at least every five years.

The PLA should:
I.B.1.a) identify the faculty who will assume both educational and supervisory responsibilities for residents;
I.B.1.b) specify their responsibilities for teaching, supervision, and formal evaluation of residents, as specified later in this document;
I.B.1.c) specify the duration and content of the educational experience; and,
I.B.1.d) state the policies and procedures that will govern resident education during the assignment.
I.B.2. The program director must submit any additions or deletions of participating sites routinely providing an educational experience, required for all residents, of one month full time equivalent (FTE) or more through the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) Accreditation Data System (ADS).

In accordance with the GME Supervision Policy: “The supervising physician must hold a regular faculty or clinical faculty appointment from the University of Colorado School of Medicine. For clinical rotations occurring outside of Colorado the supervising physician must be approved by the training program director.”

Please remember that PLAs must be updated in the event of:

      • A change in Program Director
      • A change in Site Director (Note: Site Directors must be MDs)
      • A change in goals or objectives
      • If it has been more than 5 years


PLA Templates (Instructions for which PLA template to use):


Please complete the below standard templates for Program Letters of Agreement which include all required information and may not be altered.

All PLA templates are now located at using the following navigation:

MyHome >> GME Resources and Documents (lower left) >> Templates (PLAs)

There are specific PLAs for all rotations taking place at one of the below (affiliated) locations: 

Children's Hospital Colorado

Craig Rehabilitation Hospital

Denver Health



National Jewish Health

St. Anthony's Central Hospital

St. Joseph Hospital

Univeristy of Colorado Hospita

Veteran's Affairs Medical Center

For rotations (required or elective) which will take place at any other location, you will need to use the template for Non-Affiliated Locations.

You may send an electronic copy of the PLA to either Karen Graves or Alisha Konig​ for review prior to routing. After review, the PLA will be returned to you electronically with instructions to make changes and/or obtain signatures.

Out-of-State Elective Rotations: Use the One Time Elective PLA template and return to Alisha Konig.

International Rotations: Use the International Rotations PLA template and return to Alisha Konig.