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Program Coordinator Council

Together...Pursuing Excellence

Program Coordinator Council Mission Statement

The mission of the University of Colorado Denver School of Medicine Program Coordinator Council is to provide coordinators a platform to exchange, develop and implement ideas and to foster communication between Program Coordinators, Program Directors and the Office of Graduate Medical Education in order to ensure the success of residency and fellowship training programs. 

As a council, we are dedicated to:

      • Creating an atmosphere of camaraderie and support among Program Coordinators.
      • Developing and encouraging opportunities for professional growth.
      • Educating and collaborating with the campus community on the vital role of the Program Coordinator.

 Program Coordinator Calendar

Any GME coordinator that wishes to join the council is welcome to sign this form​ and sent it to the Chair of the Council.

Please contact us with questions, ideas for workshops, or suggestions for how we can best serve you!

Program Coordinator Council Members:

Executive Committee ​Department ​Phone Number
​​Danaa Kennedy, CTAGME- Chair ​Medicine/Pediatrics ​303-724-6595
Emily Mitchell​- Chair Elect Peds Pulmonary ​720-777-5641
Kris Smith - Treasurer ​Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine ​303-724-2867
​Kristin Turnbull - Secretary ​Peds Endocrinology 720-777-3187
​New Coordinator Welcome/
Orientation Committee
Michael Benge ​Peds Surgery ​720-777-4531
Michele Bialkowski ​Pediatrics 303-724-2566
Adam Finney (Chair) Neurology ​720-777-2704
Kris Smith ​Pediatrics ​303-724-2867
Jennifer Weber​, CTAGME Medicine ​303-725-1788
​Professional Development Committee

Brianne Johnson ​Medicine 303-724-9238
Danaa Kennedy (Chair) Medicine ​303-724-6595​
​​Emily Mitchell​ ​Peds Pulmonary ​720-777-5641
P​amela Sullivan Family Medicine ​303-584-7913
Kristin Turnbull ​Peds Endocrinology ​720-777-3187
​Social Committee
Cheryl Loudd ​Pulmonary Disease & Critical Care Med ​303-724-6043
Mary Teel ​Radiology ​303-724-9245
Irma Salas- Chair ​Pediatric Pathology ​720-777-3959
​​Amber Tu​cker ​Family Medicine ​303-724-9593
​Other Members
Aris Molock​ Genetics 303-724-2354

​Click here to view PCC leadership and member bios.​