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Welcome to the University of Colorado School of Medicine on the Anschutz Medical Campus. A Top Ten Medical School, our departments, centers and institutes work with the University of Colorado Hospital, The Children's Hospital and Barbara Davis Center.

Graduate Medical Education

Policies and Procedures



 GME Policies  Revised / Effective

 Additional Pay for Additional Work Policy  

Revised 07/10/2014*

   Concern/Compliant Policy 

Revised 08/16/2014*

   Disaster Policy

Revised 05/14/2012*

   Disciplinary Action Policy 

Revised 04/08/2011*

   Duty Hours Policy

Revised 04/16/2014*

​   Educational Funds ​Revised 10/10/2014*

   Eligibility and Selection Policy 

Revised 04/16/2014*

   Evaluation & Promotion Policy  

Revised 05/30/2014*

   GMEC Membership Policy 

Revised 04/16/2014

   Grievance Policy 

Revised 07/10/2014* 

​   International Residency Rotations Policy

​Effective 01/18/2012

   Leave Policy

Revised 02/02/2015* 

   Medical Records Policy 

Revised 04/16/2014*

 Moonlighting Policy  

Revised 04/16/2014*

   Non-ACGME Accredited Fellowships


   Non-Compete Policy

Revised 04/24/2013*  

   Physician Impairment Policy

Revised 04/16/2014*

   Prescriptions: Residents Writing for Staff, Family & Friends 

Revised 04/16/2014*

   Professionalism Policy

Effective 04/16/2014*

 ​  Program Director Qualifications, Appointment & Approval

​Effective 03/18/2013

   Program Expenses Paid by GME 

Revised 07/11/2014

   Program Size and Closure Policy

Revised 04/16/2014*

   Quality Improvement/Patient Safety

Effective 04/11/2012

  Supervision Policy

Revised 04/16/2014*

​   Transitions of Care (Structured Patient HandOffs)

Effective 04/11/2012

   USMLE (and COMLEX) Examinations Policy

Revised 05/16/2012*

   Work Environment Policy

Revised 04/16/2014*

 GME Procedures  Revised / Effective

  Clinical Competency Committee Procedure

  Revised 04/16/2014*

  Duty Hour Compliance Procedure

  Revised 04/23/2013*

  Entrance of Foreign Medical Graduates (FMGs) to   
  GME Programs Procedure 

  Revised 03/04/2014

  HIPAA Compliance Procedure

  Revised 07/01/2009

  Professionalism Committee

  Revised 01/16/2013*

  Program Manual Content Procedure

  Revised 05/01/2013

  Stipend Procedure 

  Revised 04/19/2010*

  Workers Compensation Claim Procedure

  Revised 08/11/2010

 University of Colorado Policies & Procedures  Revised / Effective

  Amorous Relationships Policy

  Effective 04/01/2005 

 Conflict of Interests Policy 

Effective 05/27/2008

Effective 05/2011

  Disability Accommodation Policy   

  Revised 07/10/2014*

  Drug and Alcohol Policy   


  Malpractice Coverage for Community Volunteer Activities 


  Retention of University Records Policy 

  Revised 04/01/2012

  Sexual Harassment Procedure

  Revised 07/10/2014

  Smoke-Free and Tobacco-Free Environment Policy

  Revised 07/10/2014


 *Indicates editorial revisions only.