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GME New Program Coordinator Checklist

Below is a checklist to help you get started in your new Program Coordinator role.  Please note that this list is not exhaustive.  It is simply meant to serve as a launching pad and source of reference as you step into your new position. Click here​ for a printable version of this checklist.​

Systems Access: Ensure you have access to all of the systems that are applicable to your program.
    • MedHub: Residency management software, used by all CU SOM GME programs, which houses required resident information, tracks compliance, etc. The GME MedHub team will give you access to MedHub and reach out regarding an in-person MedHub training.

    • Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS): Website/software that allows applicants to complete their applications, select programs to apply to, and assign documents to be received by programs, and enables program staff to receive, sort, review, evaluate, and rank applicants.  Verify internally whether or not your program uses ERAS. If so, contact the GME Administrative Assistant to gain access to the system.

    • National Residency Matching Program (NRMP): An organization that matches applicants to Residency and Fellowship programs. Verify internally whether or not your program uses NRMP. If so, contact the GME Administrative Assistant to ensure you are set as the PC in the system.

    • WebADS (ACGME programs only): ACGME’s system for programs to obtain and maintain accreditation.  If you have questions about how to register with WebADS, please contact the appropriate GME Accreditation and Compliance Program Director.

MedHub Checklist: In addition to completing an in-person MedHub training, ensure that the items listed below in MedHub are up to date for your program and/or each of your Residents/Fellows (most will be covered more in-depth during the in-person MedHub training):

GME Website: Familiarize yourself with the resources available via the GME website.  Below are a few of our most frequently used online resources:

GME Yearly Deadlines Cycle: 

Program Requirements:
    • Review ACGME requirements for your program and ensure compliance: You can access these requirements via the ACGME website, Program and Institutional Accreditation, Program, “Program Requirements Currently in Effect”.