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Welcome to the University of Colorado School of Medicine on the Anschutz Medical Campus. A Top Ten Medical School, our departments, centers and institutes work with the University of Colorado Hospital, The Children's Hospital and Barbara Davis Center.

Graduate Medical Education

ACGME Accreditation

Developing Competencies and Objectives

The ACGME has mandated a requirement that all accredited programs develop learning objectives for each of six competency areas:

    • Patient Care
    • Medical Knowledge
    • Practice-Based Learning and Improvement
    • Interpersonal and Communication Skills
    • Professionalism
    • Systems-Based Practice

Known as the Outcome Project, the long-term goal is to increase the emphasis on educational outcome assessment as part of the accreditation process. Expectations for increased emphasis on outcome assessment are reflected in changes to Program and Institutional Requirements that require programs to:

    • Identify learning objectives related to the ACGME's general competencies
    • Use increasingly more dependable (i.e. objective) methods of assessing residents' attainment of these competency-based objectives; and,
    • Use outcome data to facilitate continuous improvement of both resident and residency program performance.


 ACGME Resources:



 ACGME Specialty - Specific References:
  • Board Certification Requirements 
        & Pass Rate
  • Conference Attendance
  • In-Service or In-Training Examination