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Exit Process

Before you go, you should know:

As you leave your GME training program, you are required to complete the exit procedure. This applies to everyone, including residents who will become faculty. The following information is provided to make the process as swift and painless as possible. If you are not leaving and have received this information, or if you have questions not answered in this information, please call the GME office at 303-724-6031.​

Bank Account:

DO NOT CLOSE YOUR BANK ACCOUNT until your last paycheck has cleared. End-of-June paychecks will be direct deposited on the last business day of the month (June 28, 2019). If you have additional money due after your last regular paycheck, e.g. internal moonlighting or additional payments, this will also be direct deposited, so it is recommended that you do not close your bank account until all expected payments have cleared. To avoid delay in receiving your W2, keep your address updated with Employee Services (303-860-4200).​ 

Insurance Benefits:
Health, Dental or Vision Care Continuation Coverage:
Group Long-Term Disability Coverage:
Life Insurance:
Immunization / TB Screening:
Proof of Malpractice Coverage:
Training Verification:
GME Parking Privileges:
GME Pager & University-Issued Property:
CU E-mail Account:
CU GME Clearance Form:

Residents are NOT eligible for unemployment compensation.



GME Insurance Benefits Ends:
GME Parking Privileges End on the Last Day of Training:
CU E-Mail Account:
GME Pager Use Ends: