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GME Quality and Safety Bonus Program

Radiology Quality and Safety Homepage

Resident Champion: Eric Wannamaker, MD

Faculty Champion: James Borgstede, MD

Metric: Documentation of contrast extravasations/reactions (instead of Urinary Catheter Days All-Program Metric)

Contrast reactions and extravasations in patients (inpatients, outpatients, ED patients) undergoing CT or MRI examinations in the Department of Radiology are tracked monthly to ensure rates remain below national benchmarks.  Documenting that a contrast related event occurred is also tracked and reviewed monthly. Documentation must be provided by the Technologist performing the imaging exam as well as by the interpreting Radiologist/Resident in the imaging report and by the Radiologist/Resident who evaluates the patient after an event occurs, in an EPIC EMR note. Compliance in all 3 areas is necessary to ensure that any provider or staff member is aware an event has occurred. Awareness of an event may alter immediate treatment or influence future imaging.

Compliance has been variable over the past 20 months, despite repeated efforts to inform and train Radiology physicians and staff. We propose to focus on improving documentation in the imaging report.


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