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GME Quality and Safety Bonus Program

Pediatrics Quality and Safety Homepage

Resident Champion: Lauren Anderson, Shannon Flood, Andy Krack

Faculty Champion: Dan Hyman, MD

Metric: (instead of Hospital-Acquired C-Diff All-Program Metric)

Baseline Target Percent of Incentive
Reduce % of blood cultures ordered in patients hospitalized for pneumonia during the 2017/2018 academic year.

Blood cultures are not standard of practice per CHCO clinical care guidelines, but are frequently ordered in admitted patients.  Based on a recent intern-driven evidence based review, blood cultures are not warranted in uncomplicated pneumonia.
26% ​22%



We’d like to tier our progress:

Tier 1: 23.5%

Tier 2: 22%

Increase % of flu vaccines ordered for hospitalized patients admitted to a medical team between 10/1/2017 and 4/30/2018.

Hospitalization presents an opportunity to vaccinate patients, as noted in a recent journal of Hospital Pediatrics. However, historically our vaccination rates for inpatients have been low.
​25% ​35%



We’d like to tier our progress:

Tier 1: 30%

Tier 2: 35%


Our Evidence Based Clinical Effectiveness Conference provided initial education on the need to reduce blood cultures in pneumonia.  We are actively working towards adding a reminder on Epic to consider the indications for ordering blood cultures when residents are actively in the order.  As chief residents, we will continue to provide education on blood cultures and flu shots at House Staff meetings and via our weekly chief digest emails.  We will provide residents with updates on the data of progress, which is already tracked on Epic and by the ID Universe database by quality improvement processes team and our infectious disease colleagues.


There is a hospital wide initiative to increase flu vaccine rates for all hospitalized patients. Interventions will include Order Alerts when placing any orders for an unvaccinated patient, weekly reminder emails reporting flu vaccine rates for the week prior, daily lists showing which patients have not yet received the flu vaccine and icons on our IPASS sign out indicating flu vaccine status. Additionally, a representative from the hospital wide initiative program will give education to residents about flu vaccine rates, how to find vaccine status on Epic and how to document administration or refusal. Rates of orders for flu vaccines are currently being tracked for each of the medical teams. We will use this data to track our progress. 



Blood Cultures:

Peds blood culture through Feb.PNG

Flu Vaccination:

Peds flu shots through feb.PNG