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GME Quality & Safety Bonus Program

GME Quality & Safety Dashboard ​


2019-20 Quality & Safety Academy​

The Quality & Safety Academy offers residents, fellows, and faculty in any program affiliated with University of Colorado a series of workshops designed to build foundational knowledge in quality improvement and patient safety, which will enable them to effectively participate in quality and safety work in the clinical setting. Program content builds on itself to support progressive acquisition of competency, and program elements are targeted to specific learner stages of development across the spectrum of GME. The content is appropriate for faculty without prior training or who may be interested in refreshing their knowledge and skills in order to lead or coach trainees in quality/safety work. The core content areas are Quality Improvement, Patient Safety, and Healthcare Systems and Culture.

2019-20 Request for Proposals Form

Bonus Program Eligibility: All ACGME & Non-ACGME residents and fellows are eligible as long as they are paid through the GME Office, have clinical rotations, and are in good academic standing

GME Bonus Program Metrics Proposals 19-20

For the 2019-2020 GME Quality and Safety Bonus Program, residency and fellowship programs may propose metrics that are meaningful and actionable by their residents for earning the bonus. Residency and Fellowship programs must be willing to lead their residents in projects or efforts to achieve goals in defined metrics, in collaboration with our clinical partners. This option allows individual Residency and Fellowship programs to customize the quality or safety initiatives that their residents/fellows will address for each academic year. 

Criteria for Selecting Program-Specific Metrics
Ideal metrics selected will: 

  • Align with Hospital (DHMC, UCH or CHCO) and Departmental priorities for the next academic year 
  • Be relevant to residents’ practice and actionable by residents
  • Program must be able to provide data reliably to GME on a regular basis for entire measurement period.
  • Programs that have ≥ 3 FTE or trainees that spend ≥50% of their time at Denver Health Medical Center must include data from Denver Health. 

Training programs must submit the proposal through the online form:
  • Designated Faculty Champion (one required for each hospital) and Resident/Fellow champion(s) 
  • Proposed metric(s) and goals 
  • Structure for earning bonus 
  • Baseline data for at least 3 months as gathered from clinical institutions 
  • Description of how training program will work with their academic and clinical departments to improve metrics and achieve goals, including how data will be collected, tracked, reported back to steering committee 
  • Letter of support from Department Vice Chair for Quality, Residency/Fellowship Program Director and relevant clinical units/departments leadership (eg Medical director of units, if applicable) 
  • To maintain eligibility of bonus, each program must: 
    • Submit data on a monthly basis (exceptions will be made on a case by case basis) through online database 
    • Submit Bonus Program Earnings Adjudication form by May 15, 2020.

Deadline for submissions: Midnight on March 31, 2019. Incomplete proposals (other than finalized baseline data or final tiered goalsor proposals submitted outside of the online form will not be considered.