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Daniel Malone, PT, PhD, CCS

Core Faculty

Assistant Professor

(303) 724-9321

Professional Qualifications


Temple University, Philadelphia, PA, PhD in Physiology, 2008

Temple University, Philadelphia, PA, Master in Physical Therapy, 1992

University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA, BS in Exercise Science, 1988

Licensure Information/Registration Number

Colorado #11421

Pennsylvania #007785


Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Clinical Specialist, 1998

American Board of Physical Therapy Specialists, 2008

Curriculum Vitae

 Teaching Responsibilities

Summer Semester

DPTR 5003: Histology (2 credits); Lecturer
DPTR 5202: Examination & Evaluation II (2 credits); Lecturer & Lab Assistant
DPTR 7741: Special Practice Settings; Course Coordinator & Lecturer
DPTR 7112: Acute Care Elective; Course Coordinator & Lecturer

Fall Semester

DPTR 5202: Examination & Evaluation II (2 credits); Lecturer & Lab Assistant
DPTR 7131: Radiology; Lecturer
DPTR 6303: Medical Conditions III (1 credits); Course Coordinator & Lecturer​

Spring Semester

DPTR 5301: Medical Conditions I (2 credits); Course Coordinator & Lecturer
DPTR 6302: Medical Conditions II (3 credits); Course Coordinator & Lecturer
DPTR 5611: Patient Care Seminar I (2 credits); Mentor
DPTR 6702: Professional Topic II: Differential Diagnosis (2 credits); Lab Assistant
DPTR 7613: Patient Care Seminar III (2 credits) Mentor​


 Clinical Specialty, Interests, and Practice Sites

Acute Care
ICU Mobilization and Rehabilitation
Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Physical Therapy
Cardiac Rehabilitation
Pulmonary Rehabilitation


 Publications (within the last five years)

Peer Reviewed Publications

Malone D, Ridgeway K, Moss P, Nordon-Craft A, Schenkman M, Moss M. Physical Therapists’ Practice in the Intensive Care Unit: Results of a National Survey. Phys Ther. In review.

Sottile PD, Nordon-Craft A, Malone D, Luby D, Schenkman M, Moss M. Physical Therapy Management of Patients in the Neurological Intensive Care Unit: A Description of Practice. Phys Ther. In review.

Denehy L, Nordon-Craft A, Edbrooke L, Malone D, Berney S, Schenkman M, Moss M. Outcome Measures Report Different Aspects of Patient Function Three Months Following Critical Care. Intensive Care Medicine. Accepted. Anticipated publication, 2015.

Nordon-Craft A, Schenkman M, Edbrooke L, Malone D, Moss M, Denehy L. The Physical Function Intensive Care Test: Implementation in Survivors of Critical Illness. Phys Ther. 2014 Oct; 94(10):1499-507.

Adler J, Malone D. Early mobilization in the intensive care unit: A systematic review. Cardiopulm Phys Ther J. 2012 March; 23(1):5–13.

Humphrey R, Malone. D Effectiveness of pre-operative physical therapy for elective cardiac surgery. LEAP- Linking Evidence And Practice. Phys Ther. Accepted. Anticipated publication, 2015.

Kazzaz JA, Strayer MS, Wu J, Malone DJ, Koo HC, Shaffer TH, Davis JM, Strayer DS, Wolfson MR. Perfluorochemical Liquid-Adenovirus Suspensions Enhance Gene Delivery to the Distal Lung. Pulmonary Medicine. Volume 2011 (2011), Article ID 918036.

Wolfson MR, Malone DJ, Wu J, Hoffman J, Rozenberg A, Shaffer TH, Barbut D. Intranasal perfluorochemical spray for preferential brain cooling in sheep. Neurocrit Care. 2008; 8(3):437-47.

Books and Book Chapters

Malone DJ. Chapter 1. The Physiology of Activity and Exercise. In Clinical Exercise Pathophysiology for Physical Therapy. Slack, Inc. Thorofare, NJ. 2014.
Malone DJ and Irwin S. Chapter 6. Examination, Diagnosis, Exercise Intervention and Outcome for Individuals with Cardiovascular Pump Dysfunction. In Clinical Exercise Pathophysiology for Physical Therapy. Slack, Inc. Thorofare, NJ. 2014.
Malone D and Segal M. Chapter 21. Rehabilitation in the ICU. In Lanken PN, Hanson CW and Manaker S (Eds). The Intensive Care Unit Manual. WB Saunders. Philadelphia, PA. 2013.
Editor/ Contributor: Physical Therapy in Acute Care: A Clinicians Guide. 1st Edition. Slack, Inc. Thorofare, NJ. 2006. 2nd edition currently under revision. Anticipated publication, 2015.

Non-Peer Reviewed Publications

Malone, D and Tucker CA. Commentary on Supramaximal Verification of Peak Oxygen Uptake in Adolescents With Cystic Fibrosis. Pediatric Physical Therapy. 23(1):1, Spring 2011.

Invited Editorial: The New Demands of Acute Care: Are We Ready? Physical Therapy. October, 2010; 90: 1370-1372.


 Honors and Awards

Merit Award, Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Section of APTA, 2010

Temple University, Department of Physiology Fellowship, 2005

Temple University, University Fellowship, 2004

Temple University, University Fellowship, 2003