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​Links for Evidence Based Practice (EBP) Modules: 

The modules on this page provide a great review of the principles of EBP to help you critically review and search the literature.  Different types of studies are introduced as well as a review of psychometric properties such as effect size, sensitivity, specificity, odds and likelihood ratios and number-needed-to-treat (NNT).

Contained within 14 individual modules, the course on Evidence Practice lasts for 6.5 hours. The modules consist of video lectures by Dr. Katrina Maluf.

  1. Introduction to Evidence Based Physical Therapy Practice (~31 min
  2. Basics of Measurement (~ 37 min)
  3. Statistical Conclusion Validity (~ 8 min)
  4. Construct Validity (~ 16 min)
  5. External Validity (~ 20 min)
  6. Internal Validity (~ 27 min)
  7. Experimental and Observational Study Designs (~ 33 min)
  8. Asking Searchable Questions (~21 min)
  9. Online Databases and Search Engines (~28min)
  10. Searching and Evaluating the Literature for Clinical Tests and Measures (~55min)
  11. Searching and Evaluating the Literature for Interventions (~36 min)
  12. Searching and Evaluating the Literature for Prognosis (~21 min)
  13. Implementation of Region Specific Functional Outcome Measures in an Orthopedic Clinic (~17 min)
  14. Sequential Clinical Trials, Single Subject Designs, & Case Reports (~37 min)