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PhD Program in Rehabilitation Science

Welcome to the Rehabilitation Sciences PHD Program. We are currently redeveloping our site.
Our new site can be explored at​ and our old site can be explored by continuing through this site.​

What is Rehabilitation Science?
What type of training does the Rehabilitation Science PhD Program offer?
What are the career opportunities in Rehabilitation Science?
Why choose the Rehabilitation Science PhD Program at the University of Colorado?

What is Rehabilitation Science?

Rehabilitation Science is an interdisciplinary field of study that integrates knowledge from the basic and clinical sciences to improve our understanding of human movement, physical function, and disability across the lifespan.

The Rehabilitation Science Program is designed for students who currently hold an undergraduate or advanced professional degree in a health, science, or engineering field of study, and are seeking graduate level education to conduct independent research that will advance the science and practice of physical rehabilitation. Our program offers individualized coursework and research mentorship from an interdisciplinary faculty across three University of Colorado campuses. Students can choose from five different areas of specialization:

• Applied Cellular Physiology
• Applied Exercise and Cardiopulmonary Physiology
• Applied Motor Control
• Applied Biomechanics
• Applied Lifespan Studies

What are the career opportunities in Rehabilitation Science?

Our interdisciplinary educational approach prepares students to conduct collaborative and translational research by integrating knowledge from multiple perspectives ranging from the cellular to the systems level to solve complex problems of physical disablement. Our program was created to meet the strong nation-wide demand for PhD trained scientists and educators in physical rehabilitation. Upon graduation, our students typically pursue academic careers in research and higher education. Alternative career opportunities are available in industry and legislation.

• Individual mentorship from nationally recognized research faculty 

Curriculum customized to meet the unique interests of each student 

• Strong record of student achievement and grant support 

• Interdisciplinary training opportunities through the Colorado Clinical and Translational Research Institute 
Medical campus facilities support bench-to-bedside research 
• Collegial academic community located near the majestic Rocky Mountains and Downtown Denver