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Clinical Education

Director of Clinical Education: Jenny Rodriguez, PT, DPT
Phone: (303) 724-9344
Clinical Education Team: Jenny Rodriguez (Director), Catherine BilyeuCindy Johnson, Eric Sawyer , and Joe Palmer​


Clinical education provides students with opportunities to apply knowledge and skills developed in the classroom to clinical situations under the supervision and guidance of experienced physical therapist clinicians. In clinical learning environments, students develop safe, effective skills in all aspects of caring for patients, while also developing the ability to work as part of a healthcare team.

Clinical education provides students with exposure to a variety of physical therapy practice settings and to a wide-range of patient populations across the lifespan. Our curriculum incorporates a year-long internship experience which offers students the unique opportunity to work on their clinical skills both before and after graduation with ongoing guidance and mentoring from experienced clinicians.

Throughout the first two years of our DPT Program, students participate in both integrated and full-time supervised clinical experiences. Integrated clinical education is embedded in the fall semester of both the first and second years. These integrated experiences allow students the opportunity to apply new knowledge and skills to patients in a variety of clinical settings. An 8-week, full time clinical experience occurs at the end of the first year, and a 10-week, full time experience occurs in the spring semester of the second year. These full-time experiences provide students immersion into the clinical setting as they learn to function as a Doctor of Physical Therapy.

The final component of our clinical education curriculum is a year-long internship experience.  All students complete the initial 4 months (16 weeks) of this experience prior to graduation during Clinical Education III. Following graduation the clinical internship continues for an additional 7-8 months. Interns gain additional knowledge and skills as a new professional while continuing to benefit from structured mentoring in the same clinical setting. All students have the opportunity to apply and interview for a paid internship position. While our goal is for all students to secure a paid internship, any student that does not will still complete the 16 week Clinical Education III prior to graduation.