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Required Observation Hours:

Observation hours must be submitted through the PTCAS application process using the provided forms. 
We require a minimum of 45 hours of observation with 15 hours in three (3) of four (4) types of practice settings:

  1. Inpatient (e.g. general hospital, rehabilitation facility)
  2. Outpatient (e.g. PT Clinic, outpatient hospital clinic)
  3. Long-term care facility (e.g. nursing home)
  4. Other settings (e.g. home health, school)


Obtain three (3) references, including one (1) from each of the following:

  • Licensed physical therapist
  • Science professor
  • Additional professor or health professional


Coursework Prerequisites

All prerequisite courses must be completed prior to matriculation, although an application may be submitted prior to completing all prerequisite coursework. An admission decision will not be made until all but six (6) semester hours of prerequisite science credits are successfully completed. Courses completed with a C- or below are not acceptable. If all prerequisite science courses were completed more than five (5) years prior to applying, an additional six (6) semester hours of upper-division basic science must be completed.

  • Cell Biology, Biochemistry, Organic Chemistry & Exercise Physiology are strongly recommended in addition to the following required program prerequisite courses:


Prerequisite Course Level 4-YR* Lab Required Semester Hours Please Note
Human or Vertebrate Anatomy General or College YES YES 4

It is strongly recommended that anatomy courses be taken SEPARATELY from Physiology. Human, mammalian or vertebrate anatomy is acceptable.

Information on course equivalency in Colorado

Human Physiology General or College; UPPER DIVISION preferred YES YES 4

It is strongly recommended physiology courses be taken SEPARATELY from Anatomy. Human, mammalian or vertebrate physiology is acceptable.

Course level #300(0)+ is preferred,
completed no later than December of the application cycle

Information on course equivalency in Colorado

Chemistry I General or College No YES 4 Inorganic or organic chemistry is acceptable.
Chemistry II General or College No YES 4 Inorganic or organic chemistry is acceptable.
Physics I General or College No YES 4  
Physics II General or College No YES 4  
Psychology General or College No n/a 6

Psychology courses must be taken from a psychology department.

Abnormal, Child, Developmental, Human Behavior, Growth & Dev, Life Span Dev are recommended.

English Composition or Writing General or College No n/a 3
Math General or College No n/a 3 Calculus or Trigonometry are recommended
Statistics General or College No n/a 3 Statistics or Biostatistics is acceptable

Must be taken from a biology, chemistry or physics department; botany and ecology courses are NOT acceptable.

Cell Biology & Biochemistry are strongly recommended.


*Must be completed in a 4-year college/university and NOT in a community college.