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  • Baccalaureate degree
  • Minimum GPA
              • Total Overall GPA: 3.0
              • To view competitive GPAs, visit the DPT Statistics Page
              • GPA is an important factor in admissions decisions. It is important to consider that the average cumulative GPA of admitted applicants is 3.64, when making application decisions. Applicants who are below the minimum GPA of 3.0, and those between 3.0 and the average cumulative GPA of 3.64, may still be considered for admission. Consideration of these applicants may be given when there is evidence of a positive trend in grades over time AND a higher GPA in courses identified as program prerequisites, or there are other unique circumstances or characteristics the applicant brings forward through their application during the admissions process.​​
  • OFFICIAL GRE scores (Quantitative, Verbal and Analytical Writing) are required. 
              • GRE Institution Code: 7619
              • The highest score in each category will be considered
              • If the GRE is retaken during an application cycle, please notify the CU PT Admissions Team via email: 
              • Applicants offered admission in the 3 previous years (2017-19) represent the following GRE score averages and ranges:
                      • Quantitative: average 155 (57%) with range 144-168 (17%-95%)
                      • Verbal: average 155 (69%) with range 140-168 (12-98%)
                      • Analytical Writing:  average 4.3 (59%) with range 2.5-5.5 (8%-98%)
  • English as a Foreign Language Applicants
    • 80 on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) Internet-Based test