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Doctor of Physical Therapy Curriculum

Curriculum Overview



The University of Colorado Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) Program prepares students to develop into competent physical therapists capable of assuming roles as clinical practitioners, educators, scholars/researchers, administrators, consultants, and advocates. The curriculum provides unique opportunities for students throughout the 3 years. Beginning with strong foundational science content in the first year, the program culminates with 2 full-time clinical education experiences over 8 months; Throughout the curriculum an emphasis is placed on the integration of didactic information into clinically relevant situations. The program spans 9 consecutive semesters. Courses include both didactic (classroom) and laboratory (hands-on) learning in addition to independent study. Clinical experience is an essential component of the curriculum.


For a list of courses by semester and the description of each course, please review the Program Course List and Descriptions.pdfProgram Course List and Descriptions.pdf.

Degree Requirements

The DPT degree requires completion of 3 full years of study (36 consecutive months), 116 credit hours,  and 44 weeks of clinical experiences.  Students complete and present a capstone project at the end of year 3.

Clinical Education

The Clinical Education component includes approximately 100 hours of integrated fieldwork and 44 weeks of full-time clinical education experiences throughout the 3-year curriculum. Students must work with patients of all ages and in a variety of clinical settings to gain the knowledge and skills for the general practice of physical therapy. Attempts are made to consider students' special interests as clinical assignments are made. At least one clinical experience must be completed in a rural or underserved area.

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